Your March Madness Survival Guide

If you love basketball, no doubt that filling out your brackets and watching the tourney is going to be your favorite way to shoot the (spring) breeze this month. But if you’re wondering, “What’s all the hoopla about shooting hoops,” it’s time to create a diversion. This month, basketball is king. Here are five ways to survive the madness.

1) Plan a party. Unlike the Super Bowl, March Madness doesn’t last for just an evening. You have all kinds of party opportunities, from the Sweet Sixteen to the Final Four. Host a party (or a few) and set up one room for the serious basketball fans and another room for socializing. You can have a ball preparing party food for the crowd—no sports knowledge needed.

2) Hit the stores. Check out the Spring “Madness” sales, brighten up your wardrobe with colorful accessories, try a new scent for the season and celebrate Spring with a small splurge.

3) Carve out some you time. Your significant other is going to be glued to the TV, right? Use this opportunity for “me” time – catch up on your hobbies, meet up with friends or just ponder the mysteries of the universe in a beautiful park.

4) Organize your coupons. When’s the last time you did that? Make sure you’ve printed all the current ones for March.

5) Learn about the tourney. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament, that is. You’re going to hear about it, no matter what—so if you can’t beat ‘em, maybe join ‘em? Fill out your own brackets with random choices and brush up on some common terms:

  • The Ticker:  Common name for the little scoreboard that comes up periodically on the bottom of the screen. It shows you the scores of the other games being played, a must-see for fans with brackets.
  • Cinderella: A low-seeded team that wins in upsets.
  • Upset: Occurs when a lower-seeded team beats a higher-seeded team.