Get Crafty with Our Easter Woven Felt Basket


It’s woven, it’s felt and it’s fantastic! Just a few sheets of felt and a hot glue gun are all you really need to create this woven felt basket. Read below for the instructions and be sure to check our other fun DIY Easter basket ideas too!


  • Four sheets of felt in color of your choosing
  • Hot glue gun


From the felt sheets, cut 20 strips measuring 1 ½” x 12”.

When weaving, you’ll work with doubled strips to add sturdiness (so each strip is really two strips layered on top of one another; this will be pretty easy since felt naturally sticks together).

To start, lay three strips (which is really six strips paired off into sets of two) next to one another, and weave in another set of three strips perpendicularly. Try to roughly center the woven base, and make sure the weaving is snug.

Woven Felt Basket diy

Now you’ll add the sides. You’ll need two lengths of strips to reach all way the around the basket’s circumference, so glue together two sets of two strips at the ends (for a total of two long side strips).

Start weaving in the first side strip, alternating the base strips to the front or back. When you reach the end, hot glue the strip’s ends together and cut away excess.

Repeat with a second side strip. To finish, fold the base strips over the second side strip, gluing them in place and cutting away any excess.

Woven Felt Basket