20 Winter Survival Hacks to Keep You Warm & Cozy

20 Winter Survival Hacks to Keep You Warm & Cozy | thegoodstuff

It’s that time of the year: Blustery and bitter cold outside. But before you settle in for hibernation, remember that you’re not defenseless against the chilly weather. A few clever tweaks to your routine with these winter survival hacks and some surprising everyday tricks will help you navigate the next couple of months with ease.

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1. Make a space heater out of tea lights & flower pots

Source: ICEEUVisuals

You can stay toasty warm (and make a dent in your heating bill) using materials easily found around the house. Simply make your own space heater out of tea lights and flower pots.

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2. Use razors to remove sweater pills

Use Razors to Remove Sweater Pills

Source: eHow

Pilly sweaters are a winter wardrobe nemesis. Get rid of them by rubbing a razor over well-worn areas, and your knitwear will be looking as good as new in no time.

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3. Add wool insoles to your boots

Add Wool Insoles to Your Boots

Source: Maya Made

Nothing’s worse than freezing toes. Make your boots instantly cozier by adding insoles made out of half-inch-thick felt or even an old felt sweater.

4. Insulate windows with bubble wrap

Insulate Windows with Bubble Wrap

Source: Build It Solar

Bubble wrap is an excellent window insulator, and it’s easy to apply. Simply spray the window with water and adhere the wrap with the bubble side facing the glass.

5. Properly prep your snow shovel

Properly Prep Your Snow Shovel

Source: I’m From Denver

Make the always-dreaded task of snow shoveling a bit easier by rubbing vegetable oil, paraffin wax, or cooking spray onto your shovel. This will allow you to work more quickly by preventing the snow from clumping and sticking.

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6. Cover side mirrors with plastic bags

Cover Side Mirrors with Plastic Bags

Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

A little planning ahead will save you stress the next morning. The night before a big storm, cover your car’s side mirrors with plastic bags, securing them with clothespins or a rubber band, to prevent ice from forming.

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7. Use Vicks® Vapor Rub® in the shower

Use Vicks Vapor Rub in the Shower

Source: Mom Foodie

You can make shower tablets out of Vicks Vapor Rub with a few simple ingredients and an ice cube tray. The combination of vapors and a steamy shower is sure to alleviate cold symptoms. You could even add glitter and give them away as a gift.

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8. Cover windshield wipers with socks

Winter Survival Hacks_8

Source: Real Simple

Save yourself the hassle of de-icing windshield wipers by covering them with knee-high socks the night before a snowfall. Let’s face it —you weren’t going to wear them again, anyway!

9. Light an upside-down fire

Light an Upside Down Fire

Source: The Tim Ferriss Experiment

Forget your traditional paper-on-the-bottom method of lighting a fire and try this technique for a longer burning, less smoky fireplace fire. Stack logs large to small, then top off with paper.

10. Use screws to create traction in running shoes

Use Screws to Create Traction in Running Shoes

Source: Fun Climbs Around the World

You don’t need fancy kicks to survive winter slip-free. Screws inserted into the bottom of running shoes create traction for runs or walks in icy weather.

11. Warm up your bed with a hot water bottle

Warm Up Your Bed With a Hot Water Bottle

Source: 365 Days of Appreciation

They’re not just for soothing sore bellies. Slide a hot water bottle between your sheets before you hop into bed so it’ll be warm before you hit the hay.

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12. Make your own sidewalk de-icers

Make Your Own Sidewalk De-Icers

Source: Mother Nature Network

You don’t want to be that house on the block with a slippery sidewalk. Everything from salt to soy sauce and baking soda can be used to de-ice pavement.

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13. Dry wet shoes with newspaper

Dry Wet Shoes with Newspaper

Source: Business Insider

After a day of mucking through wet weather, you can dry out shoes by placing crinkled up newspaper inside them. It’s better for your shoes than sticking them in the dryer.

14. Give bike tires some extra traction

Give Bike Tires Some Extra Traction

Source: Zero Hour

Don’t let icy weather keep you off your bike. Give wheels some extra traction by securing zip ties around them every few inches.

15. Place foil behind your radiator

Source: dereton33

The last thing you want is for all that radiated heat to get absorbed by the wall. Slide a piece of tin foil behind your radiator to reflect warm air back into the room.

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16. Make some hand warmers

Make Some Hand Warmers

Source: Made+Remade

All you need for warm fingers is some sidewalk salt, water, and two plastic bags. Place a water-filled bag into a salt-filled bag. When ready to use, squeeze to rupture the inner water bag, then shake to activate the heat.

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17. Sprinkle kitty litter on tires

Sprinkle Kitty Litter on Tires

Source: STA-BIL Brand

Stuck in the snow? Sprinkle kitty litter on tires to get better traction and roll your way out.

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18. Get nostalgic

Get Nostalgic

Source: Oprah

Turns out you can trick your body into thinking it’s not cold. Studies show that reminiscing about fond memories makes you feel warmer, so kick back with a favorite photo album to beat the chills.

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19. Reverse your ceiling fan

Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Source: The DIY Village

Yes, you should use a fan in the winter, but reverse the direction so it spins clockwise to push heated air back down into the room.

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20. Make hot cocoa with Nutella®

Make Hot Cocoa with Nutella

Source: Ruthie’s Bitchin’ Kitchen

Don’t just survive this winter, enjoy it. All you need for a killer mug of cocoa is milk and Nutella® — and a shot of whiskey if you like!

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Little changes can have a big impact on the ease of day-to-day living. So make the most of this time of year with these easy tips and tricks for staying warm, dry, and safe in colder temperatures. You’ll take some of the stress out of winter woes without spending oodles of dough or precious time.

Don’t let life be complicated! De-stress and make lemonade with these other easy home hacks below!


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