Winter Pet Styles to Keep Your Furry Friends Warm


When you’re bundling up in a cozy outfit to shield yourself from the winter wind and snow, don’t forget that your pets need to stay warm too! Pets can get frostbite just like humans, so it’s important to protect them from the cold when the temperature drops below freezing. We’ve rounded up the top winter pet styles to keep your furry friends safe, stylish and warm in the cold.

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Pet in a Parka

cat-parkaSource: United Bamboo

On your next winter outing, keep your pet warm with a cute coat. Parka coats with soft faux fur collars are a fashionable statement item for humans and pets alike. Look for a coat that featuers a soft interior lining and water-proof exterior fabric to keep your pet dry in the winter rain, snow, or sleet!

Protect Those Paws 

dog-snow-bootsSource: Alpine Dog Coats

The roads can be cold, wet, and covered with salt throughout the winter months. Guard your precious pooch’s paws with a pet-sized pair of snow boots on Amazon. The waterproof exterior protects their paws from the cold, and keeps salt and chemicals off their skin.  As if the functionality of pet snow boots wasn’t sufficient reason to buy a pair, the tiny boots also happen to be absolutely adorable!

Accessorize with a Scarf 

dachsund-scarfSource: Better Photo

Scarves are the statement accessory of the season, and they’ll look just as stylish on your four-legged friend. A soft scarf will add an extra layer of warmth to your pet’s outfit, and the bright color can also help you to keep track of your pet during playdates at the park!

Cozy in a Cable-Knit 

dog sweater

If your dog or cat loves cuddling in soft blankets, consider buying them a cable-knit sweater! The comfy woven material hugs their body to help them maintain their body temperature on cold days, and the classic design will make them the star of the sidewalk.

Finish with a Furry Hat 

dog hat

Falling snow and icy winds can easily fall on your pet’s head during an outdoor walk. To solve this problem, take a tip from this season’s runways and add a faux fur hat to keep their fur perfectly dry and warm!

Now that you know how to dress your pets on chilly winter days, remember to pamper them too! And if it’s time to get a few winter fashion ideas for yourself, then read our latest style articles to learn how to look cute in the snow with warm and cozy layered outfits.