Who Spends Less on Cyber Monday: Men or Women?

Cyber Monday Least Spending

The stereotype of women liking to shop more than men might have some truth to it, but one thing is definitely true: Women are the deal hunters. In The Good Stuff’s survey of 2013 shoppers we uncovered that more women are spending less than $100 on Cyber Monday. Men took the lead when it came to spending in almost every other dollar range.

Who Spends the Least on Cyber Monday? – The Cyber Monday Gender Showdown

Cyber Monday Spending by Gender

While our survey revealed the amount people are spending, but it doesn’t tell us what people are buying. Maybe men are waiting for Cyber Monday deals to upgrade all of their electronics. Maybe women are purchasing more budget friendly presents.

Your Cyber Monday totals will depend on the types of items you’re purchasing. If you’re stocking up on clothing basics, it will probably be easier to keep it under the $100 mark. If you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment system, then you’re going to be looking at a bigger purchase.

Does the type of items you’re purchasing reveal your gender? We can’t say, but we do want to help you find those great discounts. Here are some of our favorite Cyber Monday deals.

If you want to keep your total under $100, we have some tips for how to spend less on Cyber Monday.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments if you think men or women are bigger Cyber Monday shoppers.


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