What Your World Cup Viewing Party Needs to Be Complete

world cup viewing party

Everyone watches the World Cup in his or her own way. Whether it’s on the big screen at a bar, streaming from their phone under the table at dinner, or at a mass public viewing, we want everyone to enjoy the festivities. Here are some tips on bringing the fun to your place and throwing your own World Cup Viewing Party!

giant world cup viewing party

The Right Atmosphere

Besides from the obvious necessity of a TV and a comfortable couch, you, your friends and your kids are looking for the perfect chill spot to watch one of the coolest sporting events the world has to offer.

Like the Olympics, the World Cup only comes around every four years, so be sure to sport a soccer jersey for your favorite team. If the U.S. Men’s National Team is your pick, then you have something to cheer for this year.

world cup viewing party jerseys

USMNT, although not generally known for doing well in the World Cup, has slowly risen to be a noticeable contender. They have already beaten an old rival, Ghana, but still have to worry about Germany and Portugal. Decorate your viewing party with soccer balls and spread out jerseys of your team and the rivals as well.

Traditional and Cultural Snacks

Lets get real. If you don’t have a good pantry to raid, then there really isn’t much point. Stick to the essentials of chips and dip, hummus and carrots or just some old-fashioned popcorn. You can find great deals on traditional party snacks.

world cup snacks arepas

But if you are looking to indulge in more cultural foods in honor of the World Cup, then consider including finger food recipes like arepas and more. These cheese filled corn tortillas are delicious snacks that are popular in both Colombia and Venezuela. You can even try Bitterballen from the Netherlands, Spanakopita from Greece, or fish and chips from England.

Create the Perfect Score

One cool thing that the World Cup does really well is bring together musicians from all over the world. You can hear hundreds of catchy songs get turned into international hits. They also make for great pool parties.

Some fun songs to put you in the World Cup spirit include Dar um Jeito by Avicii, Magic in the Air by Ahmed Chawki and C’est La Vie by Cheb Khaled.

Top It Off with a Drink

world cup brazilian caipirinha

Last, but certainly not least, no party is complete with a memorable drink that’s perfect for toasting whenever your team scores. Sip on a traditional Caipirinha cocktail, which is the national drink of Brazil. It’s made from Cachaça, the local Brazilian rum. Sweeten up the tart taste with some lime and sugar. Fill a glass with ice and squeeze in lime wedges.


Before you shop: Make sure you are good to go when it comes to your World Cup viewing party by knowing the major facts about this year’s event. See our top 4 things to know about the World Cup to get yourself equipped!


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