What to Look for When Selecting Your Christmas Tree

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My tree is up but I know so many people who are still on the hunt for the perfect one. I know several families that even wait for the very last minute and make it a Christmas Eve tradition. Whether you are an artificial tree person or go with the family to cut one down every year, you need to be prepared to choose the right one for your home. Trust me, you do not want to be like me and make three – yes, THREE – trips to the store taking trees back because you did not pay attention. Here are some tips when selecting your Christmas tree.

Measure Twice

Measure Twice

Yes, this seems like a no brainer. But when I bought a 9-foot tree for my house with 9-foot ceilings and then stood it up, there was no room for the topper. It crushed against the ceiling. When I went back and got a 7-foot tree that was really wide, the branches brushed against everything and stood out to the middle of the room. Not good when you have three little kids and two dogs running around. So make sure you measure height and width for the perfect tree to go in your home. This is especially important if you are buying a fresh cut tree as they all seem smaller on the lot than in your home.

Check for Allergies

Check for Allergies

It has happened to me. I take my kids to the Christmas Tree lot thinking this is the year that I ditch the artificial tree. I pay for it, get it home, drag it inside with a strength I did not know I had, try to cover the holes of the branches I ripped off in my attempt, and then hear a sneeze. Sure enough, depending on the tree I get, one child or more is allergic to it. Before you waste the money, make sure your kids – or you – are not allergic to that specific type of tree. No one wants to make a loved one sick all season long.

Have a Surge Protector Ready

surge protector

Before you go get that tree, artificial or real, make sure you have a surge protector to plug your lights into. Even if you have LED lights on the tree, the socket can get warm and spark. If there is a power outage, you can save your lights and if there is a spark, you can avoid a fire!

Check Tree Limbs on Site

tree limbs

If you decide to head to the tree farm to have your tree cut, be sure you are getting one that will hold up the entire season. Run the branches through your hands and watch how many needles fall off. You want a minimum number. Ask about the day the tree was cut and how the moisture has been maintained to the tree. Also, push down on a few branches to see if they bounce back and are strong enough for ornaments! You want a green, fresh smelling tree that stays in-tact when you mess with it!

Have a Water Stand for Your Tree

water stands

Ask at the tree farm if you have to but please make sure that the water stand actually can hold your tree! I have seen it happen. They get the tree up, tighten the stand and then, slowly and painfully, it falls right over. Not only do you need the stand to hold the tree, you need to make sure it holds enough water for your sized tree to drink!

Artificial or real, colored lights or white, tinsel or candy canes; we all have major decisions to make when it is time to put up the tree! When the time comes, make sure you are ready for that perfect tree to enhance your holiday season!

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