12 Reasons Why Wearing Scrubs to Work is the Best


12 Reasons Why Wearing Scrubs to Work is the Best | Coupons.com

If you’ve ever had a small wave of envy as you pass by a store window displaying chic work outfits or you meet up with a friend donning a cute blazer – don’t! While having a professional wardrobe might seem appealing, the truth is, just about all of those office types would happily trade places with anyone rocking scrubs for their job. Comfy, low-maintenance, and pretty much like rocking yoga pants all day (or night), here are just a dozen reasons we love scrubs – and you should too!

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Hit the Snooze Button – Guilt-Free!


Grey’s Anatomy Signature 4 Pocket Mock Wrap Color Block Scrub Top – from $25.59
Those cute outfits your friends wear to the office? They take planning. When your work wardrobe consists of scrubs, you can easily score an extra 5-10 minutes of rest in the a.m. knowing all you have to do is pull on a simple outfit that can still be trendy. If your workplace is flexible, keep an eye out for scrubs that have fashion-forward details like flattering color blocking.

The Perfect Disguise for a ‘Food Baby’


Koi Kathryn Daisyland Mock Wrap Print Scrub Top – $19.98
Pencil skirts and bodycon jersey dresses leave little room for that extra muffin at breakfast. Scrubs, meanwhile, have a loose, pretty much universally flattering fit that easily conceals any extra weight you’re carrying or for post-meal bloating. Hint: Prints keep the eye busy to distract from any tummy bulge, as does an empire waist. Good news for more strict dress codes – even basic scrubs can be found with a waist-narrowing wrap detail (Dickies EDS Signature Mock Wrap Scrub Tops – From $12.79).

Indulge Your Inner Child


Cherokee Tooniforms Who Are You? Print Scrub Tops – $20.79
Can you imagine a corporate workplace outside of Disney where donning Mickey Mouse was totally the norm? Neither can we. But hospitals, doctors’ offices, and dentist clinics that work with children are a great way to indulge in the coolest kid characters – and put a bright smile on everyone’s face. From Finding Nemo to Simba, there’s a colorful, whimsical set of scrubs for every wellness professional.

Mix and Match for Endless Possibilities


Koi Portia Floral Burnout Underscrub Tees – From $15.98
Your scrubs can and should basically function like a capsule wardrobe. Start with a few pairs of comfortable scrubs with a yoga pant-inspired waistband, then grab whatever scrub top suits your fancy. Even if it’s not a perfect match – like navy pants and a sky blue top – the unified fabrics still keep you looking totally together. Look for layers to add a bright pop of color to your daily scrub ensemble too.

Minimize Laundry Day Hassles


Code Happy Take My Heart Print Scrub Tops with Certainty – $16.97
Sure linen, silk, and wool all seem more glam than cotton scrubs, but all those fabrics add up to big hassles on laundry day. From pricey and inconvenient dry cleaning to endless ironing, yet another perk of scrubs is how low-maintenance they are. Just toss them in the dryer after work and even if you forget about them, they should still be good to go when you finally pull them out. For total peace-of-mind, keep an eye out for scrubs made from stretchy, wrinkle-free fabric.

Extend Your Clothing Life Span


Cherokee Workwear Core Stretch Drawstring Cargo Scrub Pants – From $17.59
When your scrubs are worn out for work use, don’t toss them just yet! These breathable, movable clothing items can still enjoy a second life as a pair of PJ pants, loungewear, or even for doing household chores like painting or yard work. Just be cognizant of wearing your activework wear in public – many hospitals, for example, have strict policies about wearing scrubs outside, to reduce the risk of contamination.

Own the Cutest Casual Wardrobe


HeartSoul Serenity 3-pocket V-neck Scrub Tops – From $16.97
Pretty much everyone has a work wardrobe and a casual wardrobe. Just as your stretchy scrubs probably aren’t appropriate for date night, that fussy satin blouse an office worker owns isn’t exactly comfortable for enjoying beers on a patio. The good news? Scrubs are way, way more affordable than office wear, plus you can totally shop the clearance section – it’s not like there’s tons of trends to worry about missing. In other words: Hello shopping spree, you’ve got budget (and closet space) for cute weekend gear!

Don’t Worry About Weight Loss (or Gains!)


Med Couture Signature Scrub Pants – From $22.97
It’s totally natural for your weight and body shape to change over time. While losing or gaining 10 lbs may be cause for an entirely new office wardrobe, that simply isn’t the case with scrubs. The trick is to pick pants with a drawstring that are easily adjustable no matter what number is popping up on your scale.

Drop the Purse – But Stay Connected


Carhartt Cross-Flex V-Neck Media Scrub Tops – From $17.97
Most scrubs come with loads of handy pockets to stash key supplies and must-haves during the day. Instead of lugging around a heavy purse or briefcase (the plight of the corporate world), you can easily keep your lip balm or cell phone close by simply tucking it into one of the pockets of your top or pants.

Jump the Queue


Dickies EDS Signature Stretch Flare Leg Scrub Pants with Certainty Antimicrobial Protection – $16.97
Okay, this one might be a bit of wishful thinking, but if you wear your scrubs in public (if it’s allowed by your employer), you may be treated as an extra good Samaritan while you’re out and about. Whether it’s jumping to the front of the line for your morning coffee or getting an extra sample at the grocery store, the world tends to smile on those who spend their lives helping others. Just remember to invest in antimicrobial fabrics if you’re wearing your scrubs before arriving at (or after departing) work – or toss them in the wash.

Stay in PJ Mode All Day Long


Grey’s Anatomy Signature 2 Pocket Soft V-neck Scrubs – From $21.97
Perhaps the biggest perk of scrubs is how comfy they are – if you buy the right pair. Skip scratchy, starchy scrubs and invest in styles made from stretch fabrics that’ll not only move with you all day, but feel super silky and soft on your skin.

Be a Quick Change Artist


WonderWink Origins Quebec Elastic Waistband Scrub Pants – From $11.97
If you’re running somewhere right after work and you don’t want to wear your scrubs out and about – good news. It’ll take you half the time to get changed than someone busy with buttons and zippers. An elastic waistband and seamless scrub top means you can shimmy into that cocktail dress or workout gear in no time – which is perfect if your shifts always tend to spill a little over.