Wear Pastel Clothes without Looking like an Easter Egg


Pastel clothes are a classic spring fashion trend, and the bright pastel hues can instantly add a bit of whimsy to your outfits this season. Unfortunately, it’s easy to go overboard on these springtime shades and create a somewhat juvenile and saccharine-sweet look. We want to help you embrace the pastel trend this season, so we’ve put together a list of five fool-proof fashion tips to help you wear pastel clothes without looking like an Easter egg!

1. Mix Pastels with White

pastel-with-whiteSource: Vanilla Extract

When you’re styling pastels, you want to avoid going overboard with bright colors. Choose one pastel statement piece as the focus of your outfit, and finish your look with white and neutral colors. Pastels pop against white, but the outfit won’t look like a walking Easter display! Vanilla Extract showcases this concept perfectly with a nude and white outfit accented by a beautiful peach blazer.

2. Stick to Nude Accessories

nude-accessoriesSource: Love, Olia

In addition to mixing pastel pieces with a mainly neutral outfit, try accessorizing your outfit with nude details. Love, Olia‘s lavender skirt takes the spotlight in this look, but her nude heels and clutch give the outfit a sense of balance.

3. Pair Similar Colors for Contrast

mix-shadesSource: Katie’s Bliss

When you’re brave enough to attempt a more colorful outfit, try mixing your favorite pastel piece with another item in a slightly deeper shade. By pairing similar colors in your outfit, you’ll add a pop of color without appearing over-the-top. Katie’s Bliss combined a pale lilac coat with a slightly darker sweater to create a spring look with tons of personality!

4. Add A Trendy Twist

add-a-trendy-twistSource: Haute Off The Rack

It’s easy to update pastel pieces with the addition of trendy accessories and details. Simply adding a pair of patterned statement heels or finding clothing with a modern design element can make your pastel look stylish and chic. Haute Off The Rack embraced the pastel trend with a pale pink dress, but she chose a dress with a fun collar and added leopard print heels to add personality to the outfit.

​5. Choose Muted Pastel Shades

muted-pastelSource: The Darling Detail

If you’re still on-the-fence about pastel fashion pieces for spring, start with muted pastel shades. Muted or dusty pastels have an almost neutral quality, so you can easily incorporate them into your everyday look. The Darling Detail looks timelessly elegant in her monochromatic blush outfit. The muted pink color looks classic and feminine instead of frilly and sweet, so it’s appropriate for any springtime event!

Now that you’ve mastered the art of styling pastels for spring, check out our plan for looking and feeling great in your swimsuit in only seven days!


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