6 Kid-Friendly Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

6 Kid-Friendly Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes | thegoodstuff

Now the hullabaloo of the holidays is over, it’s time to clean house! Instead of throwing away all that packaging material, transform leftover cardboard boxes into fun and unique toys that little ones will enjoy just as much (or more) as whatever came inside. Not only will kids will have a blast exercising their imaginations, they’ll get a valuable lesson in recycling when you reuse cardboard boxes. .

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Jumbo Box Blocks

1. cardboard box before and after with text


These oversized blocks are perfect for bigger kids who can’t get enough building and stacking. They couldn’t be easier to make and are a great way to use up boxes of any and all sizes. Best of all, you can keep adding to the collection as you accumulate new boxes so they’ll never get old!

1. box blocks with steps


  • Several cardboard boxes
  • White kraft paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers


  1. Empty out the boxes and tape them shut.
  2. Wrap them with the white kraft paper as you would a gift.
  3. Use the markers to decorate! I drew with shapes of various colors, but you could also write words, draw pictures, or even have the kids doodle on them themselves.

Recycling tip: If you have extra wrapping paper, you could use that to wrap the boxes instead


6. kitchen

Source: The Wonderful World of Winn

If you have several large boxes, you can create an entire play kitchen, complete with a fridge, oven, and stovetop. Everyday items, such as page protectors and plastic lids, make up all the amazing details.

Focus on the wonders of DIY rather than wastefulness this holiday season by putting all those leftover cardboard boxes to good use. You’ll end up with fun (and free) new toys, while kids will learn to think outside the box!

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Washing Machine

2. washing machine

Source: Estefi Machado

Kids love doing whatever they see their parents doing- including laundry! Get them in on the action with their own mini washing machine.


3. skeeball

Source: Beau Baby

No need to hit the arcade. You can enjoy this old-school game at home with a deconstructed cardboard box, plastic balls, and mini balloons (for the lights, of course).

Play Houses

4. play houses

Source: A Beautiful Mess

You almost can’t tell that these gorgeous playhouses used to be humble cardboard boxes! Simple cutting creates the windows and doors, and wallpaper facades makes them next-level adorable.

Toy Car

5. car

Source: jbmumofone

This fun play car will quickly become your kid’s favorite seat in the house. Simply cut and paste wheels and a steering wheel, draw on the details with a Sharpie, and use cupcake cases for headlights.