Does Walgreens Price Match?

We’ve had a lot of people ask if Walgreens offers a price match or a price adjustment, so we did some online sleuthing and found the answer for you!

Does Walgreens Price Match?


As of 2017, Walgreens does not offer a price match or price adjustment. There’s no explanation given on their corporate pages or detailed within their returns/help section of the website.

While that’s not the greatest news for shoppers, Walgreens does have a fair return policy. If you’re not satisfied with any product within 30 days of purchase, return it or the unused portion with your receipt for a full refund. This applies to all online orders too and Walgreens will pay for shipping. This doesn’t apply to contact lenses or pharmacy items.

What if you don’t have your receipt? No sweat, you’ll get store credit on a card. If you need to return an item without a receipt beyond the 30 day window, that’s up the manager of that individual store.

Additional Insights

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