VIDEO: How to Print From the Mobile App

VIDEO: How to Print From the App | thegoodstuff



Hi, I’m Jeanette Pavini, Savings Expert for and I’m here to show you how to print coupons from the mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

All you need is a Wi-Fi enabled printer on the same network as your smart phone or tablet. The app is compatible with most Epson, Canon and HP models. Visit the FAQ page for a full list of compatible printers.

Download the mobile app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Open the app and tap on the grocery tab. Here you can search for coupons for items like diapers, cereal and cheese.

Clip the coupons you would like to print. Then tap on “Clipped Coupons” at the bottom of your screen. There, you will have the choice to either “Email” or “Print” coupons.

Select “Print” and you will see a list of connected printers. Choose the printer you would like to use and the coupons should begin printing. Remain on the screen until printing completes to be sure you receive all of your offers.

If you don’t have a compatible Wi-Fi printer or prefer to print coupons from your desktop, you can select the “Email” option. Be sure to open the email from your desktop, not on your phone.

Wi-Fi printing can take longer than printing from your desktop because it has to send data over your Wi-Fi network. For faster printing, consider choosing the email option.

Happy printing and saving!

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