10 Ways to Say I Love You with Photos



When you really love someone, it isn’t always easy to tell them how much they mean to you. The good news is, a picture is worth 1,000 words – and there are plenty of photo-based gift ideas you can create to send a custom message of love. Flowers and candy may be nice, but something from the heart? That’s what really counts.

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Here are 10 picture perfect ideas to say ‘I Love You’!

1. Get the Kids Involved


Let’s face it – Grandma and Grandpa (and really, everyone) are way more excited when a Valentine’s Day greeting comes from the real apple of their eye: the kids. Round up your children for a fun family photoshoot and create Valentine’s-themed photo cards to send out to your nearest and dearest.

2. Create Grown-Up Valentines

Remember how sweet it was to receive a Valentine from your elementary school crush? You can still ignite that spark by creating a custom folded greeting card featuring the two of you – and a heart-stirring message. It’s cheaper than many store bought cards, and about a million times more sentimental.

3. Do Costumes


Source: Family Focus Blog

If you are creating a photo gift, make it extra lovely by dressing up for the season. The kids can wear a cute costume inspired by the Queen of Hearts or Cupid, while parents can dress up like a famous couple.

4. Get Crafty with Cupid

Store bought Valentines are classic, sure, but how about a cute greeting that’s actually from your child? A photo Valentine can be an opportunity to let your creativity and imagination run wild – like working with perspective to create a fun candy delivery for your kid’s lucky recipients.

5. Double Up Your Greeting

Getting married this year? Need to say thanks to those who attended your wedding or shower last year? Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your love. You can send out Save the Date cards that nod to Cupid’s favorite holiday, or share a thank you with a pretty photo from your wedding. It’s a great reminder that love is always in the air!

6. Celebrate Your Nuptials

Speaking of weddings, if you did get married this past year, your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple is an exciting occasion. Surprise your partner with a custom photobook filled with your favorite memories and snapshots from the big day. Online photo book software makes it easier than ever to organize those precious memories into a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

7. Create a Wedding Guestbook

How about a gift idea that’s both pretty and practical? Betrothed couples getting hitched this upcoming year would love a personalized guestbook for their wedding day. Gather photos from throughout your relationship – the result is a treasured book that speaks to the past and future of your time together.

8. Get a Year-Round Reminder of Love


Cynics will tell you that it’s silly to celebrate love on a single day – and they’re not wrong! Instead of buying something with a short lifespan like flowers, go for something that’ll remind someone they’re loved year-round. A canvas photo print or a photo calendar highlighting your history is a sweet gift with a personal touch that’ll instantly brighten up any hallway or office.

9. Send Warm Wishes From Afar

Sometimes you can’t always be with the ones you love on Valentine’s Day. But you can send them something lovely – like a photo printed blanket they can wrap around themselves like a hug. It’s a great gift for everyone from the newlyweds to the grandparents to the other half of your long-distance relationship.

10. Add Some Sparkle – With a Twist!

Jewelry and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. Before you start sweating hefty prices, you can still dazzle her with a piece of sparkling jewelry that means so much more. A photo locket is a romantic way to always keep you close to her heart – fill it with a snap from your wedding day, the arrival of a new baby, or a beloved photo of the two of you.