12 Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids


Start your Valentine’s Day on the right foot by spoiling your family with a breakfast full of love. From indulgent red velvet crepes to heart-healthy fruit kabobs, these are just a couple of our Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas. With make-ahead ideas and shortcuts, you can create a love filled breakfast even if you are short on time!

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1. Berry Pancake Muffins

berry pancake muffins

Find this exclusive to The Good Stuff recipe here.

2. Cherry Chip Pancakes with Cheesecake Sauce

Cherry Chip Pancakes with Cheesecake Sauce

Source: Food Family & Finds

This is a bit like dessert for breakfast. Turn a cake mix into decadent pancakes topped with a pink cheesecake sauce and sprinkles! Show your kids how much you love them by letting them indulge a little bit.

3. Nutella Strawberry Heart Shaped Pop Tarts

Nutella Strawberry Heart Shaped Pop Tarts

Source: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

Use refrigerated pie dough to create these heart-shaped pop tarts. Drizzle with frosting and sprinkles and make this a breakfast meal your kids can take on the go.

4. Heart-Shaped Fruit Kabobs

Heart Shaped Fruit Kabobs

Source: Style Me Pretty

Start the child’s Valentine’s Day off with a heart-healthy kabob of fruit to serve with their favorite cereal or oatmeal.

5. Heart Shaped Bacon

Heart Shaped Bacon

Source: Rachel Schultz on Homemaking

Looking for something a bit more savory? Then add bacon to the mix. This favorite breakfast food can easily be turned into a Valentine’s Day treat by somply shaping it into a heart and then baking it in the oven.

6. Red Velvet Crepes

Red Velvet Crepes

Source: Duhlicious

So this breakfast idea is red velvet crepes filled with mascarpone cheese and drizzled with chocolate ganache. Really, do we need to say more?

7. Cranberry Orange Scones

Cranberry Orange Scones

Source: KitchMe

A little cranberry and orange juice add delicious fruit to these yummy scones that are a perfect breakfast treat.

8. Hot Cocoa with Heart Shaped Marshmallows

Hot Cocoa with Heart Shaped Marshmallows

Source: Martha Stewart

Warm up the morning with dark hot chocolate cocoa with heart shaped marshmallows. It’s great for keeping your little ones warm and happy.

9. Express Yourself Pancakes

Express Yourself Pancakes

Source: The Lily Pad Cottage

Our Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas wouldn’t be complete without more pancakes. And they are even more fun when they express your love. Whip up your favorite batter and create “XO” or “L-O-V-E”-shaped letters.

10. Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Source: KitchMe

It’s already quite easy to be a fan of cinnamon rolls, but now they’re downright irresistible in their pretty heart shapes, sprinkles and cream cheese icing.

11. Heart Shaped Eggs in Toast

Heart Shaped Eggs in Toast

Source: Food4Tots

Turn your regular breakfast into an over-the-top, savory dish. Cut out a heart in the middle of a piece of toast. Place in a pan and break the egg in the middle.

12. Strawberry-Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

Source: KitchMe

Give your little ones something healthy without them even knowing it! Blend together, add vanilla and sugar if desired and serve!

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