Love Is in the Air

Saying “I love you” doesn’t have to wipe out your budget and bank account. There are creative ways to be romantic and playful on Valentine’s Day and be financially savvy. Here are some gift ideas to show some love this year to both your sweetheart and your wallet.


Have a sense of humor. Instead of dropping a wad of cash on expensive gifts, exchange gag gifts. Maybe it’s a silly pair of boxers or a roll of heart-printed toilet paper. Add a challenge and set a price limit of $10—see how creative the two of you can be.

Share the love. Pool your money with your honey and shop together for one gift that you can enjoy together. It might be a practical item, like a cool new kitchen gadget or something more indulgent like a nice bottle of wine.

Send your message in a bottle. Words from your heart are priceless, so write a love note, a poem or even a Top Five Reasons why you love your valentine. If you save wine bottles, place your message in a favorite bottle, cork it, and deliver it to his doorstep or work while he’s not looking. Add a small box of chocolates as a bonus.

Personalize a puzzle. Go to and create a free customized crossword that incorporates words and clues from your relationship. For example:
5 Down: Your favorite type of restaurant.
Answer: Italian.

Find a savvy splurge. You can find several Valentine’s-themed deals right now so keep your eye out for great bargains that you can enjoy with your other half. Buying a “50 percent off” coupon for a new restaurant, a wine tasting for two or yummy baked goods may provide a nice splurge without the hefty price tag.

One last tip—celebrate later. Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, so why not wait for the weekend? Avoid the hectic rush on the holiday itself and enjoy some romance without work hanging over your head. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of post-Valentine’s Day sales on candy and other gifts.


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