Vacation Extras That Won’t Cost You a Penny

A wise person once said that travel is the one thing you can buy that makes you richer. While this happens to be true, the harsh reality is that vacations typically come with a hefty price tag. Though travel doesn’t exactly come for free (a bitter pill to swallow for those of us in desperate need of a getaway), there are many ways to save in the planning process so that your next adventure won’t completely destroy your budget. We’re partnering with Expedia to help you get the most out of your precious vacation dollars by taking advantage of Expedia’s Free Extras, a collection of special offers guaranteed by hotels and available for anyone trying to make the most out of their time away without breaking the bank. But really, who doesn’t love a freebie?

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Early Check-Ins

So you booked a flight that leaves at the crack of dawn to save on airline tickets only to arrive and discover your hotel won’t let you check in for at least four more hours. If you’ve ever been stuck hauling your bags around until your room is ready, you know how this scheduling blunder costs you precious time that could have been spent exploring a new city and taking in the sights. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, Expedia is here to help: make sure you reap the benefits of your early morning sacrifice by booking a hotel that offers free early check-ins as an extra. This way you can hit the pavement (or have a quick snooze!) and make the most of your time away.

Planning a trip to la belle Paris? Don’t waste any time in the city of love by checking in early to the Ibis Marne La Vallée, ditching your bags, and heading straight to the Eiffel Tower for the perfect start to your romantic getaway.


Room Upgrades

Have you ever gotten a great deal on accommodations at an upscale hotel only to show up and be checked into the tiniest, worst room on the property? It certainly makes for a deflated start to your vacation when you barely have enough space for your bags and your cramped room overlooks a grimy back alley. Luckily, Expedia has a ton of affordable hotel options that offer free room upgrades upon arrival so that the great price you scored doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or a room with a view. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little extra luxury during your stay!

Visiting the city that never sleeps? Let those big lights inspire you from The Surrey’s beautiful rooms with views of Central Park and the Upper East Side and enjoy a free upgrade upon arrival.



If you’ve ever checked out of a hotel refreshed, recharged, and ready to head back home, only to be handed an absurd parking bill as one last jab to your wallet, this extra is for you: many of Expedia’s hotel listings offer free self-parking to save you from ridiculous private lot rates. But if you want to roll in feeling like a VIP, look for hotels that offer free valet parking as a part of their stay to start your vacation off on a slightly more extravagant note: there are few experiences more satisfyingly extra than tossing your keys to an attending valet and strutting off without a care in the world.

For anyone heading to Sin City, the Rio’s free valet parking will have you feeling like a high roller before you’ve even set foot inside a casino.


Free WiFi

This may come as a surprise, but shockingly, not all hotels offer free Internet access to their guests. In fact, some even charge an outrageous premium to use the hotel WiFi which can add up quickly if you’re making use of it during your stay. Since most of us don’t want to come home to an exorbitant cell phone bill, make sure to look for hotels that list free guest WiFi as an extra so that you can stay in touch with friends and family, look up restaurant reviews and museum hours, and map out your destinations free of charge. Sending that vacation selfie to your friends back home shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Travelling across the pond? You may have just missed the biggest wedding of the year, but if you happen to spot Harry and Meghan while you’re out and about, make use of Sakkson House Boutique’s free WiFi to send the photographic evidence to your pals back home (and keep them updated on the rest of your adventures abroad).



Restaurant Credits

While getting a free continental breakfast at a hotel is an easy way to save while travelling, having hotel food and beverage credits kicks things up a notch. With this free extra, you can use the vouchers anytime you want, without a limited menu consisting of stale cereal and cold scrambled eggs to be enjoyed at a table in the hotel lobby. Some hotels even offer daily credits, meaning that you can score yourself a free, delicious meal every single day of your stay, while others offer daily discounts on your restaurant bills which will let you splurge on a fancy dinner or two guilt-free.

If you’re planning a desert vacation to soak up some sun (and squeeze in a couple rounds of golf), let Expedia help you save a little on your restaurant bills during your stay with 10% off all food at the CopperWynd Resort and Club.


Spa Packages

Who doesn’t want to be pampered while they’re on vacation? But if you’re on a budget, it can be tough to fully kick back, relax, and enjoy your massage or facial when you’re thinking about the price tag of your service. Because a visit to the hotel spa can quickly get out of control, why not let Expedia foot the bill? Expedia has lots of free extras that include free spa services or discounted packages which will leave you (and your wallet) feeling more Zen while you’re away.


If you’re heading to Florida to visit Mickey and the gang, check out the B Resort and Spa – located in the Disney Springs Resort Area, they’re offering 10% off spa services (per day!) so you can relax and unwind after a long day of riding rollercoasters and exploring the parks with a well-deserved treatment.


Resort Credits


We’ve all been there: you’ve booked what you think is an all-inclusive resort vacation. All you want is a little fun in the sun, all expenses pre-paid, but when you arrive you quickly learn that all those great activities aren’t included in the cost of the trip; if you want to lay in a cabana on the beach, take a kayak out for a spin, have dinner at the fancy restaurant at sunset, or strap on some flippers for a close-up look at the coral reef, your credit card’s going to take a beating. If you’re lucky enough to be planning an island getaway, take advantage of Expedia’s listings with resort credits to soak up everything your resort has to offer.


Getting away from it all in Montego Bay? Check out Iberostar Grand Hotel’s $600 resort credit before you book – you’ll be able to take your vacation to the next level with catamaran rentals, windsurfing, diving, and parasailing, or make use of the fully-equipped spa for some extra rest and relaxation, all free of charge.


Late Check-Outs

The last day of any vacation can be a downer, especially if you still have a couple of bucket-list items left to see and do before heading home. To make sure that you don’t leave your destination with any regrets, let Expedia help you squeeze every last drop out of your time away with free late check-outs as an extra. Leave your bags at the hotel while you take in one last museum tour, enjoy one last local meal, or finally take the plunge and try bungee jumping before hopping on the plane back home. Late check-outs help you to extend your vacation, letting you create even more memories to last a lifetime.


If you’re going to be in Chi-Town, arrange for a free late check-out from Hotel Arista to make sure you have a few extra hours to walk around Navy Pier, see the bean at Cloud Gate, or stop for one last slice of deep-dish pizza before heading back to the grind.