14 Handy Uses for Ziploc® Bags (#13 is genius!)

14 Handy Uses for Ziploc Bags | thegoodstuff

Ziploc® bags are one of the most versatile items we have in our cupboard. Yes, they store food but they can help you with so many other household tasks. You can save money, save space and just have fun with these 14 handy uses for your Ziploc® Bags.

Keep your pantry stocked with quart and gallon size bags so you always have what you need on hand.

Remember to check for a Ziploc® coupon and save at the grocery store.

1. Knead dough

14 Handy Uses for Ziploc Bags #2
Source: Reclaiming Provincial

Minimize the mess and dump your pie dough straight from the processor into the plastic bags. Knead into a bowl, flatten and store in the fridge until ready to roll out.

2. Pipe frosting

Source: Ziploc®

Save money by using your Ziploc® bags in place of piping bags. Place a tip in the corner of the bag, fill with frosting and snip of the edge. Frost away!

3. Freeze Soup

Source: Ziploc®

Freeze leftover soup in a muffin tin to make individual portion. Store your soup in a freezer bag, then thaw individual servings as needed.

4. Fill muffin tins

Source: Ziploc®

Use plastic bags to quickly fill your cupcake tins with no spills.

5. Freezer Meals

Source: Ziploc®

Use Ziploc® bags to create freezer meals.

  • Use chop sticks or skewers to portion ground beef into perfect burger patties that will easy break apart.
  • Marinate meat and store in a freezer bag with veggies and more sauce. Thaw and you have a fast stir-fry.
  • Roast a chicken, shred the meat and freeze in bags. Thaw for quick-cooking quesadillas and stir fries.
  • Stock your freezer with these freezer to slow cooker meals.

6. Crush Graham Crackers

14 Handy Uses for Ziploc Bags #7
Source: Make and Takes

Make your own graham cracker crush without the big mess. Place the graham crackers in a plastic bag and use your rolling pin to crush into crumbs. Kids love to help with this task!

7. Make Ice Cream


Keep the kids busy in this fun DIY recipe for ice cream. It’s an activity and snack all in one.

8. Mess Free Finger Painting

14 Handy Uses for Ziploc Bags #9
Source: Hippie Housewife

Amuse your kids without a big mess to clean up. Squirt a few colors of paint inside plastic bags and remove all the air as you seal the bags. Use painter’s tape to tape the bags down to a table or window. A white piece of paper in between the bag and the table will allow for better contrast with the paint. This is great for little ones learning their colors, and color mixing!

9. Travel

Source: Ziploc®

Ziploc® bags are your travel buddies this summer. From packing snacks to organizing your clothes and helping to entertain the kids, they help organize your trip and save your sanity.

10. Organize electronic cords


Clean out that drawer of cords and organize them with the help of plastic bags. Place cords in a Ziploc® bag and label them, so you don’t have to dig for that stray cord.

11. Make Party Games


Source: Ziploc®

Use Ziploc® bags to make a giant tic-tac-toe board for your next backyard bash.

12. Keep Flies Away

14 Handy Uses for Ziploc Bags #13
Source: OMG Facts

Maybe an old wives tale, but some people believe the best way to keep flies away is to fill a bag with pennies, water, lime juice and salt, and hang up outside.

13. Clean Your Shower

14 Handy Uses for Ziploc Bags #14
Source: Life Hacker

Simplify a cleaning task. Fill your plastic bag with vinegar and secure around your shower head. Leave on overnight and wake up with a clean shower head.

14. Make Frozen Yogurt Dots

14 Handy Uses for Ziploc Bags #15
Source: One Good Thing By Jillee

Summer is about here and the kids will love to cool off with a bag of frozen yogurt dots. All you need is a container of your favorite yogurt. Fill a plastic bag with yogurt and snip off the end. Make dots of yogurt on a parchment lined sheet and freeze for an hour. Store the dots in the freezer.


5 replies on “14 Handy Uses for Ziploc® Bags (#13 is genius!)”

Take along a few large empty ones (slider closure only, please) and have one ready as you enter the NSA screening area…

Put all prohibited or problematic items with metal (for men, that would be pocket change, nail clippers, metal clips on wallets, watches) and put it all in the same bag.
Close it and they when you’re all done you won’t need to ask yourself–where did I put this or that?

Unfortunately #12 isn’t a real thing. Flies don’t care if you hang a bag of water (with or without pennies) around your house. Flies love water. Some people with little minds do “swear” it works, but no one in the scientific community who cares to do studies on this has found it to work as a deterrent.

A simple google search on the topic will give you enough reading material to kill some time if you are really into the topic.

I tried #12 also – busted! My favorite use? Same a s muffins, but I use it to pipe egg yolks for deviled eggs.

I don’t think this will beat the “taking a dump on a road trip) but, I use them to store necklaces, each one neatly coiled and placed in it’s own bag. Works for bracelet,s too. Great when you have a lots. They don’t tangle up and are easy to find.

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