Use Social Media to Help Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Each year we create a list of New Year’s resolutions to improve our lives, but following through is another story. To help you stick to your goals this year, we’ve created a list of common resolutions and provided a few social media buddies to help you stay on track.

1. Lose Weight:
As the most common resolution of them all, the idea of weight loss is always easier than the practice itself. Here are a few social media accounts that will help you stay persistent in shedding those pounds.

a. Weight Loss Motivation (Pinterest):
Hundreds of pins of success stories, motivational quotes, tips, tricks, etc.


b. Fitness Motivation (Twitter):
“Here to motivate & inspire a healthy lifestyle.”

2. Live Healthier (and Happier):

Being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy. If you’ve made it a goal to live a healthier lifestyle all around, here are some social sites that can show you the way.

a. Stephanie Quilao (Twitter):
“Focusing on small, manageable goals such as remembering to stay hydrated or choosing a banana over a cookie for a snack, this account is a great reminder that           all of your #tinyactions matter when trying to reach your health and fitness goals.”

b. Happiness Project (Blog):
From the author of the bestselling book, The Happiness Project, this blog is run by one of the most influential people in health and fitness who posts daily advice on all varieties of topics for getting healthier and happier.


c. Fit Bottomed Girls (Blog & Facebook):
This Facebook page for a fun fitness blog serves daily reminders of ways to improve your lifestyle, overall health, and positive attitude.


3. Improve Finances:

Financial trouble feels a lot like being overweight. Whether you need to manage your debt, start building a savings, or you simply need help setting a budget and sticking to it, think of these social media accounts as your personal financial advisors.

a. Mint (Twitter):
Stemming from the best personal finance management tool online, this account is brimming with advice for setting a budget, tracking your goals and doing more with your money.

b. Wise Bread (Blog):
This sleek daily blog has categories like “Personal Finance” and “Frugal Living” that provide an awesome archive of ideas for improving your saving patterns, monthly budgeting and more.


4. Read More:

When your TV shows have successfully rotted your brain, these social media accounts will keep your reading list stocked to the brim with the best-of-the-best book recommendations.

a. Good Reads (Blog & Facebook): 
Whether you follow their blog or their Facebook page, this group is an awesome resource for, yes, good reads.

good reads

b. The Book Club (Twitter)
Your reading list won’t be able to keep up with this Twitter feed of book recommendations – luckily, their goal is to discuss books in 140 characters or less.

5. Cook More (Gain Kitchen Confidence):

Whether you’re using it to save money or simply to pick up a new hobby, cooking at home is a resolution that keeps on giving. These recipe sites will help to get you started and to keep improving, so you’ll never want to quit.

a. The Stone Soup (Blog):
A great cooking blog for beginners, this site features a series of fast recipes that only use five ingredients.


b. KitchMe (Community):
For the more advance cook in the kitchen, this site aggregates the best recipes online and even finds matching grocery sales and coupons.


6. Stop Paying Retail:

Speaking of saving money, one of the easiest ways is to make a stand to never pay retail again. Because this is our specialty, believe us when we say these are the absolute best coupon communities online, to help you stick to the savings.

a. (Community):
You guessed it. Brimming with coupon codes for all varieties of retail, as well as, our mobile app with in-store coupons, refusing to pay retail is what we do best.


b. Hip2Save (Community):
Always visit Hip2Save for tips on saving more at the stores you love including CVS, Target and Walgreens.


7. Take a Trip:

After a long winter, getting out of the house and seeing the world is just what the doctor ordered. If taking a trip is on your to-do list, here are some great social sites for top-notch travel and adventure.

a. Nomadic Chick (Twitter):
This freelance writer and travel blogger tweets photos and videos from the far corners of the globe and shares tips and tricks for making travel a bit easier.

b. A Week or a Weekend (Blog):
Whether you’re going away for a week or a weekend, this great travel blog offers ideas for must-see destinations and ways to help you prepare for your upcoming world travels.



8. Serve Others:

If your past resolution successes have put you in the position to help others more than yourself, here are some great social accounts to point you to those in need.

a. Random Acts of Kindness (Blog):
Random contributors reporting on random acts of kindness that they either performed or received. Great for charitable ideas and general inspiration!


b. Random Acts of Kindness / Secret Service (Pinterest):
A board established by The Inspired Counselor with a number of touching videos, blurbs, and pictures of people performing random acts of kindness.


c. One Brick:
If you’ve ever thought about volunteering, but didn’t want to commit to one organization or only have limited availability, then check out Red Brick. They make volunteering easy. Simply check out their calendar of events and pick one that fits your schedule and interest. Sign up and you’re done.

one brick

9. Break a Bad Habit:

We all have them but, if it’s high time to kick your bad habit, here are some inspirational and motivational social accounts to keep you staying strong. You got this!

a. Motivational Quotes (Twitter):
Nothing but motivational tweets to apply to your personal battle.

b. Pinterest Community Board of Motivation (Pinterest):
Hundreds of pins of motivational quotes and personal mantras to use when you’re at your weakest.


10. Find a Better Job (or Get a Promotion):

Changing your employment, though scary, is a great way to reinvent yourself. If you like your job and want 2014 to be the year you score the promotion you’ve always wanted, then check out these sites.

a. LinkedIn (Community):
If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, create one stat! Not only does it help you connect professionally with friends and acquaintances, there’s also a wealth of content related to industries that are relevant to your current or future job.


b. Quora (Community):
Quora is a question and answer site. Unlike Yahoo Answers, the questions and answers are not only thoughtful, but very informative. Quora has built a community of experts to answer questions specific to your interests or industry. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the best in the business.


11. Get Organized:

Cleansing clutter can work miracles on your quality of life, so we highly recommend following these social feeds for great organizational ideas and more.

a. Organize Ideas (Pinterest):
With nearly 2,000 pins and thousands of followers, this board is full of unique ideas for neatly organizing your home and personal space.


b. Home Organizing Ideas (Pinterest):
Another creative board dedicated to the concept of home organization, maximizing your space, and staying clutter free.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of New Years resolutions and accompanying social accounts that will help you stay on task. We understand change is hard so be sure to lean on these experts and best of luck in achieving your goals!



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