Missing Money? How to Find Unclaimed Funds (VIDEO)

Unclaimed Funds

Money Minute Day 4: Unclaimed Funds

In this video, savings expert Jeanette Pavini shows you how to find out if you’re missing money from unclaimed property that’s been turned over to the state.

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Hi, I’m Jeanette Pavini, Savings Expert for Coupons.com, here with your Money Minute. Today, spend a little time with us and find out if you’re missing money.

The government may be holding on to some of your hard-earned cash. It’s called unclaimed property. When an account is left inactive or a check isn’t cashed, the money is turned over to the state and it just sits there until you claim it.

Go to unclaimed.org and click on the icon for you state. It will take you to the government website that deals with unclaimed property such as the state controller’s office or state treasurer.

Requirements vary by state, but in California, all I had to do was enter my name and city, and I found out I had $86 coming my way!

You can also search for unclaimed money owed to your business.

Start your search now — it takes less than a minute. Talk about easy money!

That’s your Money Minute, see you next time!