Tuesday News Day: TJ Maxx Online Store, Wonder Bread is Back and More!

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It’s Tuesday News Day and our whole team is jumping for joy because a designer discount store went online just in time for fall. Hello, boot season! In other news, Wonder Bread is back and your $100 bill may be worth $1000.

A new site that has Maxxinistas rejoicing. T.J. Maxx is taking their merchandise online, making them one of the few off-price retailers to have a website. Historically, discount retailers were reluctant to sell their wares online because brands didn’t want their low prices advertised. But times are changing and with T.J. Maxx offering discounts of 20-60% off, this is exciting news for shoppers.
Source: usatoday.com

Black Friday lessons learned from Phillip Lim shopping spree. Twitter users following the #PhillipLimforTarget hashtag had a better chance at snagging items before they sold at. The Phillip Lim landing page was the last page to go live and you couldn’t immediately find items via old-fashioned search. But resourceful Twitter users were hunting down and sharing direct links to available products. Here’s a lesson to us all that social media may be the trick to outsmarting Black Friday sales this year. 
Source: cnbc.com/eonline.com

White bread is back on the menu. It was a sad day last year when Hostess Brands declared bankruptcy and stopped production. Fortunately, Flower Foods scooped up the Wonder Bread brand and it was back on store shelves starting Monday. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic for this classic white bread, you’re in luck.
Source: money.cnn.com

groceryIntroducing a store that specializes in expired food. Last week, TIME reported that more than 90% of Americans throw out food prematurely. This is because we often misinterpret the “use by” and “sell by” dates, and therefore toss perfectly good food. Now, a former Trader Joe’s president is proposing a market called Daily Table, which would specialize in repackaging expired foods and selling it at a deep discount. His hope is it will make nutritional foods affordable to more people.
Source: newsfeed.time.com


Turn a $100 bill into $1000. We’re just two weeks away from the release of newly designed $100 bills, which means collectors are on the edge of their seats. Each bill has an 8-digit serial number and currency collectors want the so-called “fancy” numbers, which include low numbers (00000001-00000100), solids (33333333), and repeaters (82118211). Get your hands on one of these bills and you may be in for a big payday. 
Source: usatoday.com


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