Tuesday News Day: Saving for a New iPhone and More!

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Welcome to Tuesday News Day! Every Tuesday, we’ll share some of the week’s top headlines.

Look for everything from the practical (airfares increase for the holidays) and the bizarre (they’re adding mirrors to grocery carts) water-cooler fodder (did you know the tooth fairy is recession proof?) or any need-to-know story about the world of saving, shopping, and raising a family.

Here’s what you need to know today:

1. Airfares are expected to increase this fall.
Supply and demand is all out of whack in the airline industry. Airlines are merging, which means fewer flights. In fact, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit to stop the merger of American Airlines and US Airways. Regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome, prices are expected to rise this holiday season. Check out the map to see which airports have seen the biggest increase or decrease in air traffic since 2003.
Source: business.time.com

2. Tooth Fairy is paying big bucks. 
tooth fairy

The tooth fairy is 23% more generous this year, according to an annual survey from Visa. Kids get an average of $3.70 a tooth! About 6% of American children receive $20 or more, 2% receive a $50 bill, and kids in the Northeast received the most on average.
Source: cnbc.com 

3. New way to pay for college.

Some college graduates are using crowdfunding to pay back their student debts or to pay for post-graduate studies. Borrowers can apply through crowdfunding firm, Upstart, and if they are eligible for funding they can get around $7,000 for every 1% of their income they pledge to pay back to their lender over five to ten years.
Source: foxbusiness.com

4. How to save on a new iPhone.appleMobile phones are our prized possessions—until the new model comes out. Apple has expanded its trade-in program and now you can walk into their retail stores and exchange your old model for credit towards a new one. Non-water damaged phones will net you between $120 and $250.
Source: techcrunch.com 

5. Can a mirror change grocery store shopping habits?

Social scientists are examining different “nudges” to get shoppers to choose more fruits and vegetables. The most bizarre (and possibly effective) is putting a mirror on shopping carts. Shoppers have to quite literally face the facts before loading up carts with junk food. Another method divides shopping carts in half and advises customers to put produce in the front and everything else in the back.
Source: nytimes.com