Try Something New with Your PB&J

PB&JIn case you missed it, yesterday was National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. Of course, this classic sandwich is a staple for many all year round, maybe even to the point of getting a bit monotonous. How do you make a good thing even better? Try these variations on the standard PB&J and give your brown bag something to smile about.

Try it Elvis Style. The King loved his peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  Add sliced banana between your peanut butter and jelly, or try other fresh fruits like sliced apples or pears. For a little extra sweetness, drizzle the fruit with honey.

Grill It. The bread gets toasty, and the filling gets gooey and warm. It’s a perfect comfort food.

Lose the Bread. Nobody says your PB&J has to be spread on 2 slices. How about rice cakes? Waffles? Or an English muffin? You can also try PB&J wrapped in a tortilla, on pizza crust or on banana bread for a delicious dessert sandwich.

Use a Savory Jelly or Jam. For a unique flavor combination, use jalapeno or red pepper jelly—a savory jam makes for a totally different peanut butter and jelly experience.

Put PB&J on Your Burger. This might sound like two sandwiches that should never meet, but peanut butter and jelly burgers are popping up at restaurants across the United States. The key, it seems, is to choose your jam carefully.

Try a Fluffanutter. Sub the jelly or jam with marshmallow fluff for a fun dessert sandwich. You could even add chocolate chips to turn your fluffanutter into a s’more.