Tree Trends for the Holidays

When it comes to tree decorating, it’s tough to please everyone in the family.

I’ll be honest—I like to decorate my tree alone once the kids are in bed. Don’t judge. I like a big full tree with a color theme (matching wrapping paper, too) and clear lights. Blue, white and silver have been my colors of choice the past few years.

pink-treeMy daughter, who is a total girlie girl, loves this pink tree from Treetopia—and she wants white decorations with a ballet theme.

They even have coupon codes.

My other kids like the nostalgia that comes with using the well-loved ornaments they’ve been placing on the tree since their toddler years. Cookie Monster, Paddington Bear and Madeline still come out of the ornament box every year to say “hey” and hang out (literally) for a while.

I’ve managed to make everyone happy by putting up three different trees in our house, which is a trend that is growing. Apparently other parents have discovered that it’s a good way to keep the peace.

But if you’re going to decorate multiple trees, it can get pricey! In our family, we’ve managed to cut costs with these decorating tips:

  • Check out the dollar stores. You can find cheap tinsel, candy canes, ornaments, twinkling lights—all kinds of decorating paraphernalia. It may not last for years and years, but it’ll get you through a few seasons, and after that, you may be ready for a change anyway. Also, think outside of the typical decoration box—this tree looks amazing with scarves from a dollar store used as garland.Find dollar store coupon codes here.
  • Turn trash into treasures. We discovered this idea for transforming your old night light bulbs into glittery ornaments a few years ago. Now we save all those bulbs throughout the year in a bin, and when it gets close to the holidays, we turn them into something fit for a tree. (I’m not crafty and even I can do this.)


  • Repurpose common household items or toys. As a word nerd, I absolutely adore these DIY Scrabble ornaments, and you can personalize them any way you want. One Scrabble game could yield several ornaments that you can either keep for your tree or give as small gifts.
  • Jazz up plain ornaments. Single-colored glass balls can be found pretty expensively at most stores (shop the after-Christmas sales for next year), but they don’t have to stay boring. You can raid the scrapbook aisle for sticker embellishments and letters, find some colorful ribbon, and voila—a beautiful handmade ornament.
  • sock-treeCheck around the house. You may have several items that you can turn into ornaments. Do you have any cute orphan socks at the bottom of a laundry basket? Put a hook on them and hang them on a child’s tree for a whimsical look. You can also tie ribbon on to cookie cutters, hang candy canes (which now come in a variety of colors) or put a hook on a colorful children’s mitten.

Chime in: Any other ways to decorate a tree on a dime?


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