How to Deal with Travel Nightmares


We all look forward to amazing, relaxing, sun-soaked vacation time, don’t we? But then we hit the airport. With anxious kids, and lines, and a layover, it’s easy to start questioning, “Is this all worth it for a one-week getaway?” The answer is yes, of course! But it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by travel mishaps. To prove that we totally feel ya, here are 10 things that provoke those travel nightmares and how to deal with them!

Layovers and Connections

You know the drill: inevitably, you will have to change planes in Cincinnati, and will find yourself running frantically across an airport with toddler in tow to get to the next gate before take-off…in, like, 10 minutes. Even if all your bags manage to make it with you to your destination (yay!), waiting for it at baggage claim, hauling it through the airport, loading it into cars, and hoping you brought everything you need can make you a little bonkers. Lines to check-in, lines to get through security, lines to get on the plane, lines to get your luggage… lines, lines, everywhere.

How to Deal: Although you can’t do anything about your connection, consider checking all but one go-to bag so that it makes running from one end of the airport to the next a lot easier. Pay the extra bucks for the luggage carts, and be sure to bring a fun game you can fit in your carry-on to keep your kids busy.

Keeping Track of the Kids

If you have little ones, you probably know how curious they get the minute you step into an airport, hotel lobby or pool deck. It’s easy to lose one of the crew while you’re checking in or digging through your bag for the sunscreen. They are experts at hide-and-go-seek at the most inopportune moments and completely full of energy.

How to Deal: Depending on the time of the flight and how busy you are leading up to it, see if you can take your kids out for a play session. Use this time for them to get all their energy out at a playground or running around the backyard. This way, once you arrive at the airport, they’ll be too exhausted to leave your side. Or, you can turn it into a game. Let your child carry their own small bag and tell them it has to play “follow the leader” with your bag. 

Coughing, Sneezing and Germs

It always seems like people are the most sick when it’s time to get on a plane. You’ve never before encountered as many germs as you do when you get to seat 14B. They’re everywhere. And the coughing and sneezing around you seems much more amplified when you’re trapped in cramped quarters like an airplane.

How to Deal: Be sure to take some cold prevention medicine beforehand like Airborne or Zicam. Also remember to diligently wash your hands and bring hand sanitizer in your carry on. So even if the person behind your seat is sick, at least your chances of catching their cold and ruining your travel plans are at a minimum. Pack a salin nasil mist and a bottle of water to keep your nasal passages moist and your body hydrated.

Jet-Lag, Jet-Lag, Jet-Lag

You knew you had to switch time zones, but you didn’t expect to be this tired. When you finally get to your destination, you’re almost too tired to get yourself from the airport to the hotel to the beach. Who knew the thought of catching rays would seem so exhausting?

How to Deal: To keep jet-lag at bay, take the necessary precautions before your flight. Make sure to get as much sleep as possible leading up to your departure. Try booking the window seat as that provides you with something to lean on. Bring a neck pillow, sleeping mask and noise-canceling headphones as well. And it might seem difficult, but try not to sleep as soon as you arrive at your hotel. By staying awake, you can trick your body into believing it’s not as tired as it once thought.

Rain on Your Parade

Let’s face it: your beach vacation kind of hinges on a hearty dose of sunshine. There’s nothing worse than watching the rain fall on a dark ocean, instead of swimming in it with your kids.

How to Deal: There’s not much you can do about Mother Nature but hope that the bad weather eventually let up so you can enjoy a nice, sunny vacation. But until then, take advantage of the opportunity for an indoor game night with your family, or even try to explore some of the other great activities in the city you’re visiting. Maybe they have a cool museum or signature dish that you can try while you wait it out.

Taking a vacation this Spring Break (or any time of the year) is absolutely worth it. Just be ready for the typical travel nightmares that might present themselves and deal with them as best you can so as not to ruin your much anticipated (and much needed) time off.

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