How to Transform Your Home into a Magical Escape


With the winter blues blowing through America, moms everywhere are looking for ways to entertain their bored kids. I live in the south so although we don’t have snow days, we have weekends locked inside due to the cold and rain. There is only so much time I will allow my kids to watch TV or go on the computer. So the other 12 hours of the day, I need to occupy them. One of the things I do is turn the living room into a campground. But what if I want to do something a little more extreme? What if I want to turn my home into a magical escape? Read below to see how you can transform your home into a dream destination!

The Hogwarts House

hogwarts houseSource:

I love this idea and will absolutely be using it for a day for my kids! Turning your whole home into a Hogwarts House can be so easy and fun! With great tricks like printable signs on the staircase and candy used as Bertie Bott’s beans, this idea has it all! It can be so easy to do and so affordable as well. Made up mostly of printables and things bought at the dollar store, the setup is the mostly time consuming. You could easily use this idea to create your own movie themed home! Just pull props and quotes from any move and create an escape using this one as a guide!

The Giant Ball Pit

Giant Ball PitSource:

What started as a prank turned into something I would totally do for my kids! Imagine joining your kids in a huge ball pit that took up an entire room in your home! Now this one might cost a pretty penny depending on the size of the room to be filled, but it could provide days — if not weeks — of entertainment for the whole family! Adding small slides, mini trampolines and more could really enhance this experience.

The Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

I did this on a small scale for my daughter’s birthday once. I left 10 clues around the house and she had to figure them out to get the next clue. At the end, she found her beloved American Girl doll in my shower. But, you can take this to a whole new level in any home. Hide 15 to 20 things around the house. They don’t have to be toys or anything you buy. Canned fruit, toys they already have and art supplies work just as well. Put them in odd places and then create a list of things they have to find, in order. Then create clues that will send them throughout the house searching. One of the clues for my daughter was “This toy holds memories of your birthday and the day the dog chewed the leg.” She went to her room and found the little table the dog had chewed and found the clue taped under it. Also there was a toy she loved that gave her a hint to the next one.

The Ultimate Carnival House

Ultimate Carnival House

I don’t know any kids who don’t love a carnival! Setting up your home to be one can range from the easy and cheap apple bob and balloon filled room to some serious work creating games and carnival themed snacks! Using your creativity, you can make everything from popcorn balls to thumbtack balloons. Use bottles and plastic rings to create a ring toss game and set up a face painting station. You can purchase cardboard booths or make your own and create a hugging booth and more! There are so many ideas and, if you use the whole house, so many ways to turn your home into a magical escape.

Cat Playground

Cat PlaygroundSource:

Do you have a big place in your heart for animals? Well you can transform your home int a magical escape that’s perfect for pets in a similar way that Peter Cohen did with his home. Cohen likes to rescue cats and not only provide them with shelter, but a cat playground that would rival any other feline pad. Of course, you can choose to do something like this on a smaller scale for your favorite pooch or kitty. All you really need is a catwalk and some unconditional love.

What would you do to turn your home into an exciting escape for your whole family? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!


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