Be In the Know With 5 Tracking Apps for Kids

Be In the Know With 5 Tracking Apps for Kids | thegoodstuff

Ensuring your kids make it to their daily destinations can be a heart-wrenching and anxiety-filled task. While enabling tracking devices can be labeled as something only “helicopter parents” would do, the truth of the matter is we all want our kids to have as much freedom as possible. And with the help of a small wearable device or an app on a smartphone, a little peace of mind is something that can be bought.

If you can’t get behind the notion of tracking apps for kids, remember the technology that makes this possible is helpful in other situations — dementia patients and those on the autism spectrum or those with other physical and cognitive needs may benefit from added security that doesn’t infringe on immediate personal boundaries, as well.

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1. mSpy

Be In the Know With 5 Tracking Apps for Kids | thegoodstuff

Monitor photos, GPS, WhatsApp, social networks, calls, emails, and more. Help avoid online bullying and regrettable social media posts by keeping an eye on online behavior. The truth of the matter is we all could use a little support in teaching kids what is and what isn’t appropriate to share online.

Cost: Basic plans starting at $5.83/month with a one-year commitment

2. pocketfinder

Be In the Know With 5 Tracking Apps for Kids | thegoodstuff

Founded in 2005 by a single parent whose mantra was “If you love it, locate it!” this service is easily adaptable for seniors, pets, children, and specific vehicles. Everyone deserves peace of mind, especially when it comes to loved ones and beloved family pets!

Cost: Devices start at $129.95 with $12.95/month service plan with international options available

3. MamaBear App

Be In the Know With 5 Tracking Apps for Kids | thegoodstuff

Parents have a lot of access with this one, but “with great power comes great responsibility.” Knowing where your kid has been, how fast they’re traveling in a friend’s car, location sharing, and complete access to incoming and outgoing messages plus access to social media means knowing when to pick your battles.

Cost: Free with ads, upgrade to premium accounts starting at $14.99 for three months

4. Amber Alert GPS

Be In the Know With 5 Tracking Apps for Kids | thegoodstuff

With two-way communication ability and a GPS tracker, this service allows multiple people to be contacted in case of an emergency and can even go into silent mode during school times. Additional support provided via a smartphone app.

Cost: $99.99

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5. Lassy Project

Mobilize a network in an instant in case of suspected trouble. The Lassy Project is different from an Amber Alert, and certainly doesn’t replace the system already in place, but is instantaneous. Amber Alerts require a certain amount of paperwork and documentation, whereas the Lassy Project can be utilized a bit faster and a lot more readily and for a wider range of people.

Cost: Free


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    I use a spy app called iKeyMonitor.