Last-Minute Christmas Gifts that Cost (Next to) Nothing


We love the holiday season, but our wallets do not. We are always looking for the best gifts to give, and we know that the less you spend, the more you can give. That’s why we sought out gifts that will cost you nothing (or almost nothing) to give to your loved ones this holiday season.

Here are 12 great gift ideas that will get you (and your wallet) through the holiday season.

A Phone


Yes, you can give a phone, and it will cost you nothing. If you have a spare smart phone lying around, it makes a great gift for teens. Take them to T-Mobile, and they can get an affordable SIM card to go with their new (to them) phone. If you’re on the market for a NEW phone, take advantage of other great T-Mobile offers.

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Framed Art

Head to your local thrift store and stock up on cheap picture frames, then let your imagination run wild. Print out a photograph, artwork, or consider printing (or handwriting) a saying or movie quote they love.

Festive Hair Fixings

Source: Smart n Snazzy

Get creative with bobby pins to create festive holiday hair pins. Get out your glue gun and embellish bobby pins with bows, buttons, beads, or fabric.

A Digital Slideshow

Source: Kizoa

Create a slideshow or video by collecting their photos into a free online template. Feature photos from your years of friendship or focus on a special event in their life.

Organizational Services


Do you have a knack for destructing clutter? Offer your services to help them reorganize the closet or clear out the garage.


Mine your bookshelves for the perfect present by seeking out a couple of books to pass along to a friend. Include a heartfelt, handwritten note or a quirky handmade bookmark to make the gift personal.

A Custom Coloring Book

Source: Instructables

With the help of free photo editing applications, you can give the kids in your life a customized coloring book featuring pictures of the child and their friends.

Personalized Playlist

Spend a couple hours on Spotify (with a free subscription) and hunt down some of their favorite tunes to craft the perfect playlist.

Handmade Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

Source: Blissfully Ever After

Start by collecting fallen pinecones, and finish them with spray paint, fake snow, or glitter. Or explore our ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments.

Recipe Book


Choose some of your favorite recipes, and compile them into a fun recipe book. All you need is a few index cards to put this together—bonus points if you have great handwriting.

A Snow Day

Promise to spend a day with them in a winter wonderland with snowball fights and sledding, complete with thermoses of hot chocolate, And if you don’t have a proper sled on hand, get creative with a trash can lid, a cookie sheet, a tarp, a sleeping bag, or even just garbage bags.

A Coupon Book

The corny coupon book is a classic for a reason—it works. Everybody loves to receive a certificate for a free foot massage, breakfast in bed, and a day of chores.