Home Hacks: 13 Foolproof Office Organization Tips


Home Hacks: Part Five

If there is one spot in the home that requires good organization to maintain function, it’s the home office! With electronics, office supplies, papers, books, files and more, an office can quickly become cluttered and dysfunctional. Creating an organized office doesn’t have to require a huge budget or intense DIY skills, however. Here at The Good Stuff, we’re excited and ready to bring you some clever, inexpensive, and simple office organization tips as part five in our Home Hacks Series that will transform your office from messy to magnificent.

1. DIY Dry Erase Boards from Old Frames

DIY Dry Erase Boards

Find instructions on how to make these exclusive to The Good Stuff sparkly love arrows DIY here!

2. Extra Large Cork Board

Extra Large Cork BoardSource: Sarah M Dorsey Designs for Infarrantly Creative

Rolls of cork can be pricey. To make an extra large pin board, check out this tutorial that utilizes inexpensive IKEA cork placemats and lattice from the hardware store!

3. Fabric Covered Office Chair

Fabric Covered Office ChairSource: Little Green Notebook

Some fabric and Mod Podge transform a boring, off-the-shelf office chair into a glamorous and comfy office necessity. Pick a fabric that matches your style and color scheme for a perfectly personalized chair.

4. Storage Boxes for Routers

Storage Boxes for RoutersSource: Sweet Sanity Designs

Nothing makes an office feel more messy and cluttered than electronics and cables strewn about. Repurpose decorative paper boxes into pretty and unsuspecting hiding places for these unsightly must-haves.

5. Hideaway Printer Storage

Hideaway Printer StorageSource: PB&J Stories

The printer is another office staple that can often feel in the way. Bring in a dresser for extra office storage and then use this clever tutorial for transforming one of the drawers into a rolling, hideaway printer nook!

6. Desk Organizer from Cardboard

Desk Organizer from CardboardSource: Mod Podge Rocks

Coordinated desk accessories can often cost a pretty penny. Old paper towel tubes and cereal boxes get a happy new look thanks to scrapbook paper, paint and glue!

7. Cord Tags

Cord TagsSource: The Chic Site

Nothing can drive one crazier than trying to figure out what plug belongs to which electronic device. Eliminate the confusion by adding adorable washi tape tags to each plug. Be sure to label both ends in color-coordinated tapes to keep track of what’s plugged in and what’s not!

8. Chic Pencil Cups

Chic Pencil CupsSource: Creature Comforts

Turning soup cans into cups for pens, pencils, and other art supplies is a tried and true office hack. Up the glam factor by adding metallic leather cording around simple cans and securing with hot glue.

9. Pretty File Cabinet

Pretty File CabinetSource: Two Twenty One

New metal file cabinets are not only expensive but are quite often boring. Thankfully, good-but-used ones are always available at thrift stores. After checking to make sure it’s in good working order, use paint and stencils to transform a discarded cabinet into an office gem.

10. Color Coded Files

Color Coded FilesSource: A Bowl Full of Lemons

Keeping office files organized and pleasant to look at is no easy feat. Instead of over-thinking your labeling system, get back to basics with this smart and simple color-coded system.

11. Pretty Boxes

Pretty BoxesSource: First Home Love Life

Corralling small office and craft supplies into boxes instantly cuts down on clutter. Instead of leaving them plain, add paint and labels to give storage boxes a high-end look, allowing them to serve as both storage and décor!

12. Wall Pockets

Wall PocketsSource: Style By Emily Henderson

Utilizing wall space above or near a desk can help keep your workspace clear of clutter. Think about what most lands on your desk; then fashion these super chic and simple wall pockets to catch all that pesky paperwork.

13. Magazine Files

Magazine FilesSource: In My Own Style

If you hoard magazines or have to store a lot of papers, vertical magazine files tucked neatly into bookcases are an excellent solution. Add pretty paper and labels to the storage boxes to add style and help you easily find just what you’re looking for!


4 replies on “Home Hacks: 13 Foolproof Office Organization Tips”

You should never put electronics like a router inside a box. First, you’re going to reduce your wi-fi signal and thus your network speed. Second, there’s nowhere for the heat to escape, meaning you’re shortening the life of whatever “unsightly” device you cram in there. Computing devices and closed spaces do not go together.

Hi Vincent,

That makes sense! Perhaps there is a better way to hide your router that allows more ventilation and won’t block your Wi-Fi signal? Thank you for sharing your helpful tip!

There really isn’t. Routers are meant to be placed in a central location that is open to the rest of the home or business or what have you. (Some of the higher end devices do have a more appealing appearance than the typical “black box” look.)

What I’ve always done is set the router on top of the entertainment center and run the wires down the back. That way all you see really is the box.

Hi Vincent,
It sounds like it’s a toss up between your router working properly and having a very “zen” office! We love your idea for placing the router on the entertainment center, which will have gadgets and gizmos anyway, and hiding the cords behind. Thank you again for sharing with us!

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