Home Hacks: 19 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom


Home Hacks: Part Two

Your day begins and ends in the bedroom, so keeping it organized will also keep you sane, which is why it’s the second room we’re tackling in our Home Hacks Series. Overflowing drawers, floors in disarray, and a cluttered bed will leave you feeling frazzled. But whether you’re working with a spacious room or a little nook, you can maximize your surroundings — and beautify them — with common sense and some clever storage tricks. It’s time to make over your messy space to ensure that you always rest easy with these 19 tips on how to organize your bedroom.

Organizing usually means you need a few supplies to help complete the task. Don’t forget to check for extra savings with Amazon coupons, Bed Bath & Beyond promo codes, and The Container Store promo codes before you buy! 

How to Organize a Closet

An organized closet is the heart of a well-kept bedroom. Follow these steps to optimize the aesthetics and functionality of this space.

1. Do a wardrobe cleanse.

Go through your clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in the past few months. If it’s seasonal (like a sweater or shorts), and you haven’t worn it for the past season, it’s got to go. Be ruthless! Excess and clutter are organization’s nemeses.

2. Fold sweaters.

Sweaters should be folded since hanging them can change their shape and cause them to snag. Stack them neatly on top of each other on shelves, and try to not make the piles too high. Movable cubbies can help.

3. Hang with a plan.

Pick an organizational system for your clothing. Hang all the pants in one area, collared shirts in another, and dresses in another. You can further break down categories by length, occasion, or season. Be sure to invest in high quality hangers (no wires), and a variety of types including pant hangers and no-slip hangers.

4. Color code.

Once it’s sorted by type, arrange everything in your closet by color. This may be tedious, but this is the easiest and quickest way to sort through your wardrobe and pick out what to wear.

5. Shelf or hang bags.

If possible, store bags on shelves. If you don’t have the floor space, you can buy a storage cubby for the wall or floor. You can also hang handbags from clothing hangers or use shower hooks.

6. Keep drawers tidy.

Fold everything in your clothing drawers neatly. Arranging shirts and pants horizontally instead of vertically makes them easier to sort through (check out this nifty video tutorial on how to fold in this manner). Use a drawer divider for smaller items like socks, lingerie, and belts.

How to Organize Small Bedroom Shoe Storage | thegoodstuffSources: Arianna Belle & Daily Women Talks

7. Design shoe storage to fit your space.

Customize your shoe storage to make the best use of your particular space. Shoes can be put on shelves, on the floor, or in cubbies. You can hang boots with pant hangers if you’re low in floor space.

Custom shelving is the ultimate luxury in shoe storage, but a footwear cabinet is another ingenious solution.

How to Arrange a Bedroom

The area around your bed should be both tidy and inviting. Keep essentials visible and close at hand while maximizing hidden storage space.

8. Store items under the bed.

The space under the bed is an ideal storage area that you don’t want to waste. You could use cubbies, baskets, or bags to stash bed linens and other non-essentials, but drawers are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to access this space and keep it tidy. Some beds come with built-in storage, or you could make your own from repurposed dresser drawers.

How to Make the Most of Small Bedroom Storage | thegoodstuffSources: Giddy Upcycled & The Sawdust Diaries

9. Use headboard space.

Take advantage of headboard storage space by incorporating shelving for everything from books and lamps to favorite framed photos. You can buy shelved headboards, or make your own out of old drawers or pallets

10. Pick the right nightstand.

Don’t let clutter pile up next to your bed. Depending on how much stuff you have, opt for shelves, drawers, or just a simple table.

How to Organize a Small Bedroom with Footboard Storage | thegoodstuffSources: Curbly & The Inspired Room

11. Don’t forget footboard storage.

Utilize the space at the foot of your bed for additional storage. Cubbies and baskets are a charming option. A chest or ottoman are chic and ideal for storing blankets, linens, and out-of-season wardrobe items.

Finishing Touches

All those little details, from wall shelves to jewelry storage, make a huge impact on the efficiency and attractiveness of your space.

12. Display organized jewelry.

Depending on the contents of your jewelry collection, there are many great DIY jewelry displays to chose from. You could make a prettily patterned shelf for hanging necklaces and placing rings in elegant dishes.

Wire mesh allows you to easily create earrings organizers for both dangles and studs. Try stacking bangles on a bracelet tower or cone, or hanging them horizontally from rods.

How to Arrange a Bedroom & Display Jewelry | thegoodstuffSources: Saved by Love Creations & Whippy Cake

13. Keep a clean vanity.

You can make your own bedroom vanity from a vintage desk, or even an armoire. Keep it organized using everyday items like cake stands for displaying perfume, trays for makeup, and small dishes for other accessories.

14. Fit in a desk.

If you need work space in your bedroom, your nightstand can do double duty as a desk. Look for a minimalist model and pair it with a small chair.

15. Maximize wall space.

High-up bookshelves are perfect for storing beloved past reads and other items you don’t need super easy access to. Wall cubbies are a modern way to display knick knacks.

How to Arrange a Bedroom & Maximize Wall Space | thegoodstuffSources: Pop Sugar & Better Homes & Gardens

16. Minimize laundry space.

Save space with a hanging laundry hamper that fits discreetly over the back of a door. It’s easy to make your own with fabric and an embroidery hoop.

17. Use a coat rack for extra hanging space.

If you need additional hanging space, or just want to keep jackets and heavier winter wear in the bedroom, an industrial coat rack is a chic and practical piece of bedroom decor.

18. Invest in storage ottomans.

These are beautiful and practical pieces of furniture, a great way to stash those bedroom extras — like the pair of slippers you always leave lying around.

19. Decorate with hanging hooks.

You can use hooks for everything from hats to scarves and bags, and even small framed artworks. Some also include shelf space for displaying pictures, stuffed animals, or other favorite items.

How to Organize a Small Bedroom: Decorate with Hanging Hooks | thegoodstuffSources: Urban Outfitters & Making Nice in the Midwest

The room where you set yourself up for the day — and rest your weary head at night — should reflect your ideal state of mind, so it’s imperative to keep your bedroom arranged and organized. But there’s no need to invest in obscure or expensive storage gear. A practical approach designed to optimize your particular space will keep your bedroom beautiful.

How to Organize a Closet?

1. Do a wardrobe cleanse.
2. Fold sweaters.
3. Hang with a plan.
4. Color code.
5. Keep drawers tidy.
6. Shelf or hang bags.


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Lol, our closets look almost as good as these…for only about 5 minutes after we clean them! ;) But the photos definitely help to inspire us!

I thought I had a lot of clothes – the picture above makes me look naked – I sure don’t have all those shoes!

Hi Judy, we’re right there with you! That is definitely a huge collection of shoes. :)

I think that having that much more space also might make it easier to organize… I share my closet and have indispensable large items that don’t provide room for more furnishings. … Any suggestions for considerably limited spaces?

I used to think this too. Except, what would happen is the more space I got the more stuff I bought to fill it. I’ve used a combination of these tips – specifically, donating/throwing away things that I don’t love. To date, I have donated 10 bags and tossed about 2. This is from a loft with 1 bathroom and 2 smallish bedrooms. If you can’t part with your things, then I really like the under bed storage options. I also fold my clothes into tight packets (konmari method) which creates a lot more space.

I don’t really have any under bed space, I also sleep in a hammock that I can hang behind my door when I wake up, I also am required to store quite literally all my possessions with the exception of shoes in my room. My snowboard, desk, multiple duffle bags and backpacks, book shelf, dresser, half a closet, office chair, exercise ball, custom futon couch and punching bag, these don’t leave a lot of room for me…

Hi Joseph,
Wow, that sounds like quite the organizing challenge! :) But sometimes small spaces can be better since they feel more cozy. One of our favorite tips for organizing small spaces is to utilize vertical space where you can. This keeps things off your horizontal space (floors, desk, etc.) So things like hooks on the wall for your bags would be good, and a shelf or hooks for your snowboard might work, too.

Hmm, I guess I do have about six feet of wall space over the couch… There’s some merit to that suggestion even if it comes with with a few challenges of its own.

The challenge will hopefully make the end result even more fulfilling! If there’s an issue with drilling into your walls, 3M hooks can be a viable alternative. They now make some heavier duty versions that hold up to 5 pounds and others that have a classier finish, like “oil-rubbed bronze,” if you’re looking for something that looks nice, too. :) Let us know how things go!

Thanks a lot. I haven’t reorganize my bed room for a long time. I’ll try to use this tips to organize my messy and unorganized room for a better environment.

Men are generally guilty of leaving their rooms unorganised most of the time, so I would have to applaud those who are very nit-picky about room organisation. We’re just so excited with our stuff that we forget the basics sometimes, you know. Glad that this article came to light on my end. Great tips on home organisation and decluttering – really simple tips that are very doable.

My daughter was real big on frozen so I did her room with everything frozen and it turned out beautiful, Now not even 2 years later she does not like or want the frozen bedroom as she now wants the emoji which is no where close to matching anything in her room. so should I not go into it so big this time around and maybe do a lot of white that I can work with when she no longer wants the emoji .or should I go all out like I did on the frozen? she is 12 years old this June I cant help but wonder how long this will last or at this age will this be it for a while?

Don’t know if you’ve done it yet, but just do a lot of white you can incorporate into things later – it’ll save you a lot of time and money down the road! Teenagers change their minds a LOT.

How much money do you have? If you have lots go for it , if you don’t, think again

Great article. I really liked the tip to organise using hanging hooks. I also like to label things, in home and kitchen. Do you like labeling things in your pantry? I feel its way more organised then usual.

I really like to look at your closet, it’s pretty and really organize.
I had a small closet, fold all my clothes but after a week it become very messy. I still kept clothes that I didn’t use for some reasons.

Hi my advice would be to get a bed that you can store things underneath it will make a big different.

Thanks for mentioning using the space by the foot of the bed for additional storage. I’m wanting to organize my home this weekend since I have the time with no kids. I’ll be sure to remember these tips so I can organize my home more efficiently.

This is amazing it made my room nice and clean and organized and made me be a better kid. I used to just throw my clothes into the draw and leave it but when I read this it gave me a lot of tips on how to keep my room nice and tidy. I love it now it’s so nice and clean and organized and I’m thankful I found this thx for the tips:).

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