Tips for Saving Money While Moving: Setting Up Your New Home


Tips for Saving Money While Moving: Setting Up Your New Home | thegoodstuff

Moving is a major life event that can turn your world upside down. It can be an exciting adventure, but between packing up and repairing your old home, re-stocking the pantry and buying furniture for your new home — as well as all the hotel, food, and gas charges in between — it can also drain your bank accounts. While moving can be very expensive, there are some cost-saving measures you can implement to keep your stress down and your savings high. Follow along on our four-part series as we share tried and true strategies for preparing for, executing, and recovering from a long-distance move in an organized and budget-friendly fashion!

In Part 1 of the Saving Money While Moving Series, we covered ways to rack up a bunch of savings in the months, weeks, and days before you move. In Part 2, we chatted all about strategies to cut costs and save money while in transit from your old home to your new one. In this third installment, we’re sharing ideas for cutting costs as you move into your new place.

By the time you’ve cleaned out and vacated your original home and made the (sometimes long) trip to your new home, it can seem like you’ve already spent your entire moving budget. While checking out and travel expenses surely add up, spending really begins in earnest when you open the door to your new place for the very first time. Between re-stocking cleaning supplies and pantry staples to buying household necessities for your new place, getting settled in your new home can really add up fast. Use these tips to keep costs down and score great deals as you setup your new home!

Strategy 1: Bring What You Can


Depending on how far you’re moving, how you’re traveling, and how long the trip will take, you can save a lot of your setup costs by bringing items with you from your previous home. From cleaning supplies and dry/non-perishable foods to trash cans and live plants, the less you need to re-buy, the better for your overall budget!

Strategy 2: Limit Your First Grocery Trip


Instead of running to the store for a massive, impulsive grocery trip the minute you drive into town, first make a list of items you need to survive the first week or so. Plan out simple meals that require minimum ingredients and are easy to prepare. Identify household items you’ll need immediately like toilet paper, laundry detergent, and disinfecting wipes.

Choose a local store that features year-round low pricing. Since you may not get mail or have Internet and printer access yet, take advantage of immediately available coupons and sales by using apps like the app and joining the store loyalty program. By limiting your first grocery trip to just basic necessities and foods, you buy yourself some time to compare stores in the area, stock-up on and print out coupons, wait for sales, and visit big-box or bulk-style stores to purchase the major items you need. Waiting for sales and coupons can translate into significant savings over time!

Strategy 3: Prioritize Your Purchases


No matter what you bring with you from your last home, there will always be things to buy as you settle in. In addition to food, other items like trash cans, cleaning supplies, recycling bins, doormats, bathmats, and shower curtains are things you’ll likely need that can add up fast. Just like your groceries, determine which purchases need to happen sooner rather than later — buy priority items first and hold off on the other needs and wants. Remember, you can always use empty boxes for trash cans and inexpensive liners in place of shower curtains as you wait for sales and coupons to become available. Again, spreading out your new home purchases allows you to take advantage of holiday and weekend sales, coupons, and customer rewards points.

Strategy 4: Use Coupons


When you’re doing a massive pantry and house re-stock, every little bit helps. Moving time, more than any other, is the ideal time to use coupons. Once you’re somewhat settled in and have fully identified your needs, make a big master shopping list. In addition to food and cleaning supplies, don’t forget other necessities like lightbulbs, batteries, extension cords, organization supplies, and more.

On a regular basis, use the site or app to print coupons for items on your list. Use the “Nearby” function on the app to see which stores in your area are running promotions or have digital coupons available. Stock up on coupons for home stores where you can buy a large variety of items at deep discounts. Keep your master list of items updated and with you at all times in the first month so you can buy items when you see them at good prices or come across coupons!

Strategy 5: Take Advantage of Move-In Coupons


When you move into a new home, you’ll likely find a nice little stack of “Welcome to the Neighborhood” coupons in your mailbox. These coupons are intended to offer you significant discounts for all the purchases you need to make in those first few weeks in a new place. You can also check’s Codes section for deep discounts from a variety of retailers. Keep checking back as these codes update regularly!

Oftentimes, the discounts range from 10-25% off your entire purchase. Instead of using the coupons to buy one single item, take your time, plan ahead, and determine what all you can buy from that particular retailer. If your finances allow, purchase everything at once to take advantage of the discount on all your items.

Strategy 6: Ask for Discounts on Utilities


There are deals to be had when setting up utilities. Be it gas, electric, water, trash, recycling, Internet, or television, look for deals online first and then, when possible, call and talk to a representative on the phone. Ask specifically about specials, promotions, discounts, or bundling. Deals are not always advertised but oftentimes something can be done for your bill if you ask.

When re-stocking and setting up your home, look for savings whenever and however you can in order to keep costs down. Save on initial shopping trips with immediately available coupons on apps and in stores. For larger shopping trips, plan ahead, research sales, print coupons, and wait for promotions. Take your time to research deals and ask for discounts when setting up household utilities. Buying a whole household’s worth of necessities as you move into a new place can be a stressful and costly endeavor. While it may be tempting to knock out all your new-home purchases in one swoop, planning, waiting, and strategizing can add up to significant savings in the long run!

Be sure to join us in the next installment in this series: Tips Saving Money While Moving: Decorating Your New Home!








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