Hassle-Free Camping Tips

Long days and warm nights—summer’s in full swing! Take advantage of the season’s easy living and spend a few nights camping out under the stars. Your hassle-free camping tips guide starts here!

Use your old dryer lint as a fire starter. Simply wad it up and stuff it into an empty toilet paper tube.  Avoid stuffing it too tightly to allow for optimal oxygen flow and the best burn.

DIY Firestarter

Store pre-cracked eggs in a mason jar. They’ll fit perfectly in a cooler and there’s no need to worry about breaking any of them. When you’re ready to cook, just pour them out as needed.

Give your family the indulgence of pancakes for breakfast without the hassle. Before you leave the house, fill some baggies with pancake batter and tie off the ends. When you’re ready, simply cut off a corner and use as a piping bag to make your pancakes.

Camping Pancakes

Use a shoe organizer to help you with the storage in your camp kitchen. Insert and neatly store utensils, tools, first aid items, you name it! This makes it possible for everyone to easily access all the small necessities.

Strap a head lamp to a full gallon of water to provide ambient light for the entire tent or wherever you may need.

How do you take on the outdoors? Do you have any tips and tricks of your own?