7 Time-Saving Grocery Shopping Tips


Life’s hectic, and we’d all love to squeeze a few more hours into each day. We may not be able to do that, but we can manage our time more efficiently. By shaving off time from doing mundane tasks, we can add more time for the things we love. Take the grocery store, for instance. You may be wasting time retracing your steps without even realizing it, or getting to the grocery store at the worst possible hour.  Our time-saving grocery shopping tips will have you getting in and out of the store in a breeze!

Meal Plan

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Ever head to the grocery store without a meal plan or list? You’re wasting precious time wandering up and down the aisles. Ditch this inefficient method and get planning. A weekly meal plan will save you tons of time. Once you get a week’s worth of recipes, put ingredients into list form and marvel at how much faster you can make your way through the grocery store.

Running Low List

running low grocery list

Keep a list on your fridge or pantry door of items that are running low and in need of replacement. Grocery items that you usually have in stock may not normally make the grocery list (like flour and sugar), which could mean an extra trip to the grocery store if you run out.

Store Layout

grocery store layout

Get familiar with the layout of your local grocery store, and plan your list accordingly. Group all items together based on where they are in the store. If you walk in the store and head to the produce section first, put those items in a column at the top of your list. If dairy is at the back of your store, leave space for dairy at the bottom of your list so you can cross that off last.

Stocking Schedule

Stocking Schedule

If the basil that you need for tonight’s recipe is out of stock, you may be shopping on the wrong day.  To avoid multiple grocery store trips, get to know your store’s stocking schedule.  Make sure to shop when items are freshly stocked, and avoid the store the day before shipments come in, when the shelves are barren.

Off-Peak Hours

Off-Peak Hours

Going to the grocery store during peak hours may be a total waste. One of the best time-saving grocery shopping tips is to learn to shop when no one else is around. If you shop on a Saturday afternoon, you’ve probably been elbow to elbow with other shoppers, dodging carts, and waiting in impossibly long lines. Pick an evening after dinner or a weekday morning and you’ll be in and out of the store in no time.

Leave the Kids

Leave the Kids

Arrange for the kids to stay home with your spouse or a neighbor before heading out, as the extra distraction of taking kids adds time to your shopping session. If you shop solo, you won’t have little ones begging for the latest sugar cereal that you didn’t plan to buy.

Coupons.com App

coupons mobile app

If you’re into paper coupons, then consider organizing them into compartmentalized binders. But if that’s not your thing, then add the handy Coupons.com app to your phone when you go grocery shopping.  Select the coupons you need and load them right to your grocery store’s loyalty card. This couldn’t be any easier!

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