This Sponge Is the Only Cleaning Weapon You'll Ever Need

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A sponge changed my life.

Many years ago, a friend introduced the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge as a solution for removing the black marks from my walls. It worked as promised and left me wondering what other cleaning conundrums I could tackle.

Here are the best ways I’ve discovered to use this magical sponge. As with any product (even one so magical), please test on a small area first.

  • Removing organic stains. Whether it’s a tub, sink or toilet ring, this sponge will remove it all with very little scrubbing and no need for any additional cleanser.

    Source: Pinterest
  • Cleaning fixtures, from porcelain to chrome. Unfortunately, this sponge doesn’t work on stainless surfaces, although olive oil or WD40 will remove those streaks.

    Source: thefrugalhomemaker
  • Removing grout stains. This may take a few sponges, but the Magic Eraser can work on grout. Pro tip: After cleaning, let the grout dry and use a sealant to provide further staining.

    Source: stain-removal-101
  • Cleaning tennis shoes. I’ve brought shoes back from the brink of garbage many times.

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  • Tackling baseboards. I hate cleaning baseboards, but this actually gets into the lines and does a great job with just one sweep.

    Source: onegoodthingbyjillee
  • Erasing coffee and tea stains. These are a few of the hardest stains to remove. I love using the Magic Eraser to quickly erase these stains—it even works on set-in stains and the coffee pot.

    Source: beingfrugalbychoice
  • Removing sticky residue on jars, counter tops, tables, floors or anywhere. This is my worst nightmare. Now, all I do is soak in hot water, rub with Magic Erase, and voila, all gone.

    Source: thefrugalhomemaker
  • Cleaning windows (and windowsills) and doors. This sponge is a much better and less messy alternative to cloth or paper towels, which can leave lint behind.

    Source: domesticability
  • Cleaning dry erase boards and walls. Most any solid surface that has been marred by markers (even permanent), crayons or pens can be fixed with this sponge. Magic Eraser works 99% of the time, though you should be careful on walls as it is so good that it can take off paint.

    Source: Pinterest
  • Spiffing up your plastic patio furniture. Those versatile white chairs are an inexpensive choice for the outdoors—they can withstand the elements well and look great dressed up with some cushions. Cleaning them is a pain, but the sponge can get rid of all stains, even yellowing.

    Source: prettyhandgirl

Before you shop: Check out our coupon to save $0.55 off Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge is very reasonably priced to begin with, so this is a big deal. My recommendation is to cut them into pieces so that you can use and toss.