Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

Looking to explore the great outdoors this summer? Before you hit the trails, make sure you’re setting yourself up for a group of happy campers by planning out your meals in advance. After all, we’ve come a long way from weenie roasts over an open fire!

Chances are your camping trip won’t be complete without a hike! Be sure to check out our guide for finding the right hiking boots, and enjoy your time with nature!

Today’s camping kitchen supplies are seriously impressive, whether you want to carry the bare minimum in your pack or you’re looking to create a glamping-worthy five-star meal under the stars. Here are 10 essential camping kitchen tools (plus a bonus idea!) to pack for your next outdoor excursion to create the best meals possible.

You can find all of these camping kitchen tools at Cabela’s — and save with Cabela’s coupons!

CRKT Eat’n Tool: $6.99-$12.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

For the minimalist camper comes a very handy multi-functional tool. Designed to clip onto your backpack, this useful camping gizmo is a two-in-one eating utensil, providing you with a spoon and a fork.

But it’s also got three other features built in: A bottle opener, an emergency screwdriver blade, and three integrated metric wrench reliefs for emergency repairs. When you want to carry as little as possible, this little gadget is a must-have.

Minimalist tools require minimalist recipes. Check out this super simple Walking Tacos recipe!

Charcoal Companion Glow-in-the-Dark Telescoping Fork: $9.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

A campfire fork is a campground cooking staple — but if you want a better fork, look no further. This handy fork glows in the dark so you can easily spot it after the sun goes down, making it a perfect pick for roasting midnight s’mores. It also telescopes out to 32 inches, keeping you a safe distance from the flames and taking up less space in your camping equipment.

Upgrade that hot dog over an open fire — try this Spiral-Wrapped Sausages recipe (number 7!) and skip packing the buns on your next camping trip.

Camp Chef Lumberjack Skillets: $24.99-$54.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

If you’re only going to bring one cooking accessory with you, a sturdy steel pan might be your best bet. Although it’s likely too heavy to stash in your pack, a skillet is useful when cooking for a crowd and can easily be your implement of choice whether serving up a hearty pancake breakfast or a fried fish dinner. These sturdy skillets come in two sizes so you can pick the one that’s right for your camping crowd.

Looking for an easy campfire-worthy breakfast to make in your skillet? Try these Shake and Wake Pancakes!

Cabela’s Stainless Steel Cool Touch Coffee Pots: $39.99-$49.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

You might want to enjoy the great outdoors — but that doesn’t mean you want to skip all of your creature comforts. A strongly brewed, fresh cup of coffee in the morning can be just the thing you need to start your day out right. This sturdy stainless steel coffee pot has a cool touch lid for easy pouring and is available in three sizes to suit your need for a caffeine fix.

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cook Set: $99.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

Space is definitely at a premium when you’re camping, which makes this ingenious set of cooking and dining items that much more essential. Like a Russian nesting doll, all of the items fit into one large pot; unpacked you’ll have enough serveware for up to four campers. Not only that, there’s also two pots, a frying pan, and two strainer lids to make it a snap to serve up just about anything.

Save time and energy — make a one-pan meal like these delicious Campfire Quesadillas.

Pizzacraft Kettle Grill Pizza Kit: $129.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

Most campsites are equipped with a charcoal grill, or you may bring one yourself. This handy kit transforms any charcoal grill into a wood-burning pizza oven with temperatures as high as 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Featuring a pizza stone and pizza peel for that authentic Italian taste, this is one way to use the flames of your campfire to your culinary advantage.

Serve up a pizza worthy of a fine Italian restaurant with this tantalizing recipe for Campfire Pepperoni Pizza. With so many variations, you can bring toppings for a week’s worth of pizza!

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking Systems: $99.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

Want to travel light but still serve up awesome meals on the go? Look no further than this super compact and lightweight cooking system that boils water in a flash. Weighing just 13 ounces, this amazing device converts up to 80 percent of the heat into useful cooking energy, meaning you can ditch the fuel canisters and carry less weight. Use it to heat up a warm drink for a cool night, or to serve up a delicious meal.

Pasta salad is a great way to take advantage of your boiled water. Serve this three-step Italian Pasta Salad recipe to put smiles on your campers’ faces.

Cabela’s Deluxe Camper’s Kitchen: $169.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

If you want to bring a taste of the great indoors outside, look no further than this fully loaded kitchen set. Made from a strong steel frame, this modular kitchen has multiple tabletops, a PVC sink, and plenty of hooks for everything from your cooking utensils to a lantern.

It also features two removable hanging pantries for stashing food and supplies — when you’re ready to pack it in, just tuck them away somewhere safe to keep the wildlife away. Believe it or not, this fully-loaded kitchen actually packs down into an easy-to-carry case that won’t take up much room next to all your other camping supplies.

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven: $224.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

If you really want to create a glamping experience, why not mimic the appliances you have at home? This two-in-one outdoor range has both an oven and a stovetop to help you create gourmet meals in the middle of nowhere. It’s equipped with a one-pound propane tank, but you can actually hook it up to a whopping 20-pound tank to keep the “fires” burning for hours and hours. With a folding lid and carry handles, this impressive device is also supremely easy to take with you and set up.

If you want to serve up something amazing, the key is doing prep work before you hit the campsite. This two-phased Grilled Chicken with Whiskey Barbecue Sauce and Spicy Slaw is a must-try!

YETI Coolers Tundra 45 Marine Coolers: $349.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

A good cooler is a must-have — particularly for extended trips or fishing adventures. YETI prides itself on keeping your food cooler for longer, like with this sturdy, family-sized cooler. How does it accomplish this? With three inches of insulation on the roof, a freezer-style gasket, and latches to ensure a super close seal. It’s also lockable to keep the bears at bay and to give you peace of mind.

Looking for a fresh way to serve up that freshly caught fish? Try this foolproof method of cooking the entire fish for a crispy skin and juicy interior.

Bonus! S’mores Maker: $7.99

Good Food, Happy Campers: The Ultimate Camping Kitchen | thegoodstuff

What’s a camping adventure without a serving of s’mores? This classic campfire treat of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate is simpler and safer than ever with this handy cooking utensil. Made from durable stainless steel, you can cook up to three s’mores at once — ensuring all the little ones get their favorite campfire treat at the same time.


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