The Perfect Irish Whiskey St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail

St. Patrick’s Day gives all of us a chance to get into that Irish state of mind. What better way to celebrate than with a bottle of Irish whiskey and a new cocktail? We’re going classic here—no green dye required.

Derived from a Gaelic term meaning “water of life,” Irish whiskey is one of the oldest distilled beverages in the world. Irish whiskey’s unique flavor is due to the fact that the whiskey is distilled three times (versus most bourbons or scotch, which are distilled only twice), and that gives the spirit its signature smoothness and sweetness. So let’s kick-start your St. Patrick’s Day with a libation that’s sure to become a favorite, long after the holiday is over.



TOOLS : Barspoon
GLASS : Old Fashioned
EXTRAS : Lime wheel for garnish
SERVINGS : 1 cocktail

1 ½ oz. Irish Whiskey {Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Kilbeggan to name a few}
¼ oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
2 oz. Ginger ale

• Add Irish whiskey and lime juice to an Old Fashioned glass
• Using barspoon, stir gently to combine
• Fill glass with ice – all the way to the top!
• Add Ginger ale and use barspoon to combine
• Crown the cocktail with a lime wheel

Since the annual holiday of St. Patrick’s Day has become a wonderful reason to enjoy a cocktail or two, this drink provides you a chance to taste a little of the Emerald Isle while sharing one thing in common with all Irishmen ~ Irish Whiskey! All that’s left now is to raise your Queen of Clubs cocktail, toast your friends and shout “Erin Go Bragh” (Ireland Forever)!