The Cutest Baby Halloween Costumes Ever

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This October, dress your little one in the cutest baby Halloween costumes ever with the help of this curated collection and some sweet deals and coupon codes. Keep your kid looking cuddly–and maybe even a little spooky–with these fun costumes that will give them all the treats.

Little Animals

baby halloween animal costumes

Two of the cutest things out there are babies and animals. So dress up your little one as an adorable baby animal for Halloween this year for double the fun.

Fun Characters

baby halloween characters costumes

Bring the characters from your childhood to life with these fun costumes for babies and toddlers. There’s nothing sweeter than a little one dressed as a Peep.


baby halloween career costumes

Start on the right track with these super adorable career-themed baby Halloween costumes. Have your youngster play dress up in a variety of job costumes from astronauts to firefighters.

Be a Super Human

baby halloween superhero costumes

Superhero costumes are popular no matter the age, so turn your kiddo into a mini Wonder Woman, Batman or whomever their favorite superhero may be this Halloween.

Keep It Spooky

baby halloween scary costumes

It’s fun to be cute, but since it’s Halloween, take advantage at the opportunity to dress up your kid in a playful yet scary costume. Chances are, they will still be the most adorable trick-or-treater on the block.


And find some great choices for yourself this Halloween with these creative costume ideas.

Get into the spirit of Halloween with even more creepy, cute, and crafty inspiration!