The Best Videos of Animals Riding Roombas You'll Ever See

animals riding roombas

In honor of mothers everywhere, we’re celebrating them all month long with our Mother’s Day Giveaway at We’re giving away a different prize each week and this week’s lucky winner will receive a Roomba. You know–the robotic vacuum that cleans your house with the easy touch of a button! Since we at love Roombas and pets, we asked ourselves, “What happens when you put your pet on a robotic vacuum?” A new revolution of Roomba riders was born! Check out some of our favorite videos of animals riding Roombas below.

  • A Cat, a Shark and a Duck Meet Up with a Roomba

  • Cat and Baby Chick Share a Roomba Ride

  • New Diet Plan for Bunny: And You Thought Your Diet Was Hard!

  • Chihuahua Enjoys a Futuristic Joy Ride…Maybe

  • How Many Kittens Does It Take to Ride a Roomba?

  • Roombas Aren’t for the Birds

  • Don’t Be Scared, Tobi

  • Real vs. Fake – Who’s Going to Win?

Before you shop: If you’ve participated in this Roomba madness, share your videos of animals riding Roombas with us. Until then, enjoy your clean house!

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