The 8 Best Things to Buy in July

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

July has always been one of my favorite months of the year. It just seems like everyone is more relaxed. Kids are out of school, road trips and vacations are in full swing — it’s just a bit of a chill month!

Plus, the 4th of July is really the only holiday this month and outdoor barbecues and watching fireworks isn’t a big expense. I like holidays that don’t break the bank. And in addition to the 4th of July being a low-cost holiday, July itself brings along with it some other great bargains! Here’s the scoop on the eight best things to buy in July.

Keep the savings pouring in by following our year-long best things to buy guide! Bookmark it and save it for later so you’ll always be in the know about when to buy and when to wait!

1. Deals for veterans

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

This 4th of July you’ll find deals on everything from Home Depot and Lowe’s to amusement parks and baseball games for veterans. You can find a huge list of 4th of July military discounts — plus hundreds more military discounts that don’t expire, right here on The Good Stuff.

2. Last-minute travel deals

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

If you have the urge to getaway, you can score some great last-minute deals both near and far. Last year deals took travelers to Charleston, Cape Cod, and our country’s capital, Washington D.C. Check for this year’s travel deals with discount sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak.

Still searching for the perfect getaway? Grab a 40% discount on featured hotels at Travelocity (Exp. 8/31) or 40% off hotels and flight + hotel packages at Expedia! (Exp. 8/31)

3. Baseball games

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

Take the family to the ballpark for a family night of family fun and package deals! Some packages include tickets, food, souvenirs, and soda. Other teams are offering discounted tickets all weekend long. I found some tickets for $12 per person!

Local leagues are the perfect way to support your community and enjoy some low cost fun with your family. Check out other cheap summer activities that should be on your bucket list this year!

4. Swimwear & swim gear

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

July is one of the best months to buy swimwear because we’re halfway through the season of swimming. Plus, stores need to start clearing out summer wear to make room for back to school. Now, you’ll still find great deals on swimwear and gear in August and September, but the stock will be limited.

Scope out the deals at your favorite stores — and be sure to compare online and in-store coupon codes for Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, and more! 

5. Free summer concerts

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

Photo by Christian Bertrand

Check your local parks for some of the best outdoor concerts for free! Grab a picnic lunch and enjoy free music while soaking up some sunshine. I’m always amazed at some of the excellent performances people can take in at no charge.

Also, check with your credit card company. Some will offer VIP perks for presale tickets and preferred seating. Other credit card companies will allow you to cash in points to buy a unique experience like backstage passes to concerts.

6. Broadway, baby!

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

Photo by Kamira

If you’re planning to be in New York, you’ll find great deals on Broadway plays. July isn’t a month where new shows are hitting the streets, so you’ll find deals of up to 50 percent off. Also, check for deals on same day performances.

7. Water parks

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

This month keep your eyes open for half-day discounts at water parks. These deals will usually be for the late afternoon and evening when crowds have cleared out (which also means shorter lines).

Check promotional calendars to find out if you qualify for any discount days. Also, if you belong to a union additional discounts may be found. Some water park websites have printable coupons or give you a discount simply for buying tickets in advance. 

8. Reciprocal programs

The 8 Best Things to Buy in July | thegoodstuff

This has always been one of my all-time favorite money saving tips, and July is the perfect month to take advantage of it! Buy a family membership to one museum, zoo, or learning center and you may get free or low-cost admission to hundreds of other museums or zoos through a reciprocal program.

So, if you plan on traveling you can visit the spots in that area and possibly get a discount ticket just for being a member at your local attraction. It’s such a big bang for your buck and you can keep the kids busy and entertained all year long.

Looking for more low-cost ways to keep the kiddos busy? Check out these 52+ free activities for the whole family — in every state!


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