The Best Things to Buy in January

Best Buys In JanuaryAre you shopped out yet? You might want to catch a second wind—the great sales don’t stop just because the holidays do. From a new set of towels to a new set of abs, January’s got you covered with some unexpected deals to steal.

Linens: Did you know linens have been going on sale in January since 1878? That’s when John Wanamaker, the father of department stores, introduced the first White Sale, which has evolved into a tradition of January deals on bedding, towels and more.

Furniture: Many manufacturers release new furniture designs in February, which means stores need to clear out inventory now. If you like darker color schemes, look for closeout prices on fall and winter fabrics to save even more.

Gym memberships: Gyms depend on New Year’s resolutions to get members in the door, so look for incentives like a waived enrollment fee. A majority of gym memberships go unused so avoid long-term commitments. Negotiate a month-to-month until you’re positive the gym is for you. Member rates can be arbitrary so this is one place where bargaining definitely comes in handy.

January Produce

Winter produce: Buy seasonal and you’ll get the best price and quality (and a little help with those health-related resolutions). For January, look for citrus fruits like lemons and grapefruits, members of the cabbage family including cauliflower and Brussel sprouts, and root vegetables like beets and turnips. Here is a list for you to reference next time you swing by the grocery store.

Fine jewelry: Now’s the time to buy some bling. There is a window between the holidays and Valentine’s Day when business is slow for jewelers, and you may be able to find some great deals. Using a similar logic, you may also save on perfume.

Gift cards: Right after Christmas, many people are trying to exchange gift cards for something they will actually use. Look on gift card exchange websites to buy cards at a discounted rate. They sell for up to 35% less than face value (although around 10% seems to be the norm for more popular stores), and you can even purchase them for practical items like groceries, gas or office supplies.

Final tip: We all start the New Year with resolutions and intentions to get our life in order, but if you can stay organized until mid-January without a calendar, then you can save over 50% on 2013 calendars and planners for your desk, home office or handbag.