The Best Things to Buy in December

If there was such a thing as the ultimate shopping month, December would be it. From the holiday ham to a sleigh full of toys, our shopping bags are full. And with so many retailers competing for your cash, you’re sure to bag a bargain or two throughout the month.

But holiday shopping aside, there are a few other little bonus items that you’ll find especially good to buy this month—these items truly are December’s best buys.

  • Football tickets: Baby, it’s cold outside. But here’s the upside—discount football tickets. Fewer fans are willing to sit through a winter game, especially when their team has no chance of going to the playoffs. But stadiums still need to fill the seats. Bonus Tip: The closer you are to kickoff, the better the deals. If you’re okay with last minute plans, wait to purchase tickets till 24 hours before (unless it’s likely to be a sell-out).
  • Champagne: Welcome to champagne season! Expect deals through New Year’s Eve, but don’t limit yourself to champagne. Only sparkling wines produced in a specific region of France can earn the “champagne” label, making it rare. So consider less expensive sparkling wine alternative like Italy’s Prosecco or Spain’s Cava.
  • Oysters: Have you heard the old adage, “Only buy oysters in months with the letter ‘r.’” Historically, this was because oysters weren’t as safe to eat in warm months. However, this is no longer the case due to modern technology and harvesting techniques. However, during warm months, oysters spawn and they become soft and fleshy, so for the best quality, buy plump, rich, flavorful oysters this month.
  • Seasonal meats: While they can be eaten anytime of year, certain meats just have a holiday reputation and they tend to take up a lot of freezer real estate. We’re talking frozen turkeys, ham and prime rib. So look for even lower prices right after a holiday when demand is down and grocers want them out of the way.
  • Electronics: This may sound like a no-brainer, but take it one step further and buy electronics on Mondays in December. Typically, this is when manufacturers apply discounts, which benefit the retailer, who in turn passes savings on to the consumer. During December, up the ante with major shopping days like Green Monday on December 10th and Free Shipping Day on December 17th.

Final tip: Prices on many gift items will drop the week before Christmas, but remember—inventory will be picked over. If there is a toy or electronic you just have to get, then shop now. Otherwise, a little procrastination could save you money.


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