The Best Things to Buy in August

In August, summer begins to wind down and a new school year begins, which means extra expenses and more shopping for parents and students. So, in addition to backpacks and tennis shoes, what can you save on this month?

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School lunch food. Brown bagging it is a guaranteed money saver and often healthier than cafeteria food, plus buying lunch options with coupons will save even more.

Breakfast options. Quick and easy breakfast foods also go on sale, so parents can scoot kids out the door on time and with a full stomach.

Sunscreen. Look for sunscreen in the clearance bin and stock up—the truth is, you should wear it year round.

Sanitizers. Going back to school equals exposure to more germs so look for promotions on hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and detergent, too.

Seasonal items. Expect deep discounts on summer gear that takes up a lot of real estate like lawn mowers, barbecues, swing sets and pool gear. Stores have to get this seasonal stuff out the door so they can move in new inventory.

Household items. You may be too old for a dorm room, but you’re never too old for a good deal. Storage containers, towels, futons and other college essentials go on sale this month.

Quick Tip: Many states offer tax holidays in August to alleviate back to school shopping costs. Policies and dates vary by state, but in some places, you can get baby clothes and work uniforms tax free, too.