The Best Things to Buy in July

Baseball, barbecues, Independence Day—there’s no shortage of fun in July. Fortunately for all you savvy shoppers, it’s a month full of sales, as well.

Here are some July bargains to scout for:

  • Look for furniture sales as retailers make room for fall styles. Find great deals on outdoor furniture. If you’re looking for a low maintenance material, choose aluminum, which won’t rust like steel and can be easily cleaned with soapy water.  Our favorite sales are from Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and Macy’s.
  • Wait till after the Fourth to save on a new grill. Debating between propane and charcoal? Propane grills fire up quickly and eliminate charcoal costs, but you sacrifice flavor. Some grills run on charcoal, but have a built in propane system to get them started, giving you the best of both worlds—speed and flavor. Plus, you don’t have to use lighter fluid, which can affect flavor and emit fumes.  Check out these stores for great deals on grills and grill accessories:  Home Depot, Meijer, and Sears.
  • Summer is far from over but swimwear hits the clearance racks this month. Save even more when you shop online and use coupon codes. Best deals for kids and teens can be found at Pacsun, Justice, and Aeropostale.
  • As the temperature rises, paint goes on sale. You can save even more when you buy recycled paint—just make sure you get enough to complete the project, because it may be difficult to get the same color again. Use an online paint calculator to determine exactly how much you need.
  • July is National Ice Cream Month so look for savings in scoop shops and freezer aisles. Or make your own—you’ll find a variety of ice cream makers on sale.
  • Get a 2012 Entertainment Book for just $9.99. You still have six months to save big on things like like movie tickets, department stores, restaurants and museums.

Final Word: Watch for bargains both in stores and online this month. You’ll also find sales on summer apparel, camping gear and large appliances. Plus, cash in on Fourth of July holiday perks like free shipping or free “haul away” of old appliances.