The 8 Best Things to Buy in January

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

Much of January is spent getting back into our everyday routine and finding some way (any way) to stick to those resolutions. As such, January best buys are all about saving on items that help you rebound from the holiday chaos and reclaim your life.

Whether you’re diving into your work, your fitness, or want to give your home a mini makeover, here are the eight best things to buy in January that can help you do just that.

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1. Linens

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

Bedding, towels, curtains, and linens of all kinds have been going on sale since 1878. That’s when John Wanamaker, the father of department stores, introduced the first White Sale, and it’s a tradition that many stores have kept to this day. Check out linen outlets for even deeper discounts.

Looking for hot deals on linens? Be sure to check Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and for their latest promo codes.

2. Business attire

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

January is the month to update your work wardrobe. Stores are clearing out suits, slacks, and blouses from the fall season. Visit designer department stores’ discount locations like Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th, and Neiman Marcus Last Call for brand names at affordable prices.

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3. Gym memberships

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

Gyms know they can get people to sign up in January but they still have to compete for your business. Look for incentives like a waived enrollment fee or a month-to-month contract.

Visit at least three gyms and use competing offers to negotiate your rate down. If you don’t get a deal you like, come back in February when some of the resolution gym-goers have already dropped off.

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4. Gift cards

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

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People are stocked up on gift cards after the holidays and many are trying to offload unwanted cards for cash. Look on gift card exchange sites to buy cards at a discounted rate. The more in demand a card is, the less of a discount you will get.

Think beyond the big department stores to the more obscure stores you shop at. You can get cards for as much as 35 percent off but typical savings are in the 5-15 percent off range.

Keep an eye out for the best offers at gift card exchange shops like Cardpool, CardCash, Raise, and

5. Furniture

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

Did you know January is the best month to buy furniture?

New furniture starts to make its way out to showroom floors in February, which means old models have got to go. If you like darker color schemes, you’re more likely to find a couch or chair you love as stores will be offering closeout prices on fall and winter fabrics.

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6. Health & diet foods

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

Weight loss is a popular resolution and even if it’s not your official resolution, chances are you’re ready for healthy eating after holiday excess. Frozen meals, protein shakes, and nutrition bars should see great sales and coupons. If you’re going on a specific diet, look for coupons on that diet’s branded foods before you shop.

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7. Cold & flu medicine

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

Cold and flu season is definitely a downside of January, but if you have to catch a cold, at least you can treat your symptoms without spending a fortune. Look for coupons on over-the-counter medications in the personal care section.

Keep yourself as comfy as possible while saving money with Vicks®, Benadryl®, and Tylenol® coupons.

8. Calendars

The 8 Best Things to Buy in January | thegoodstuff

Get through most of January without a calendar and you’ll start to see discounts near the end of the month. Some yearly calendars include the first month of the upcoming year, so you may be able to get by with your previous year’s calendar till you see a sale you like.

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When joining a gym, focus on getting your initiation fee waived and a no contract membership (i.e. month to month membership). Both will maximize your savings. I feel this tends to be easier during the summer months, but as gyms compete for new members (as Jeanette mentions), you can probably score these offers in January.

For most gyms, $30/month is a good basis for determining whether it’s a deal or not. Above this and you are likely overpaying. Below this and you likely have scored a deal. Amenities will likely change my suggested (simplified) way of viewing gym memberships.

If you watched any of the New Year’s Eve broadcasts in 2015, you likely know that about $10/month is one of the cheaper gym memberships available; however, I’ve never been to any of their gyms so I cannot speak to whether it’s worth it or not.

Hi Robert,

Thank you so much for the advice! You made a good point about summer months also being a good time to find a deal on a membership, too. :)

Thanks again for reading and sharing with us!

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