The 12 Best Animal Costumes on Instagram

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I spend probably an embarrassing amount of time with my favorite animals on the internet. YouTube videos of puppies playing with babies, BuzzFeed lists of the best grumpy bunnies, Instagram accounts dedicated solely to cats wearing sweaters. Animals are definitely the best thing to happen to the Internet. And with Halloween, I get another one of my favorite things — costumes! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite animal costumes for Halloween. Say, “Awwww” with me and make sure to share on Facebook.

Do you have a furry friend with a costume to show off? Tag #thegoodstuff on Instagram and we’ll share them throughout the week.

1. The hot dog costume is a classic for a reason, but this piglet takes it to a whole new level.

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2. Corgi legs are pretty much the most adorable thing you can find, and this little guy could even make Eeyore smile.


3. If your guy is stuck in a cone of shame, you can still make it work with this classy costume.


4. Worlds collide when Gandalf sits on the Iron Throne.


5. Yep, this is pretty much the look I would expect after putting a hat on a cat.


6. Speaking of the Cat in the Hat.

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7. The things we do to our cats in the name of cuteness. Sushi anyone?


8. Finally! A cat who doesn’t appear to completely hate his costume.

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9. Crazy…Tongue? The hair is the best.


10. Everything is better with a tutu! Even Batman and Superman.

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11. Psst. Someone tell Ariel we can see her legs.


12. Do you think he would be chasing himself if he knew he was dressed as a squirrel?