Take Advantage of Post Halloween Sales

The day after Halloween is a great time to score some terrific deals. But more candy? Fall decorations? Those things may not be on the top of your shopping list.

But here’s a tip—many Halloweenish things can be repurposed. Here are some ways to take advantage of the big price cuts and find yourself a bargain or two for upcoming events.

  • Wedding season may be the furthest thing from your mind, but why not start shopping for a gift now? After every holiday this year, shop the sales and buy one really unique decoration. Combine them all into a holiday starter set. It’s perfect for a newly married couple.
  • Think about any candy you will need for your upcoming holiday baking and décor. If you plan on making a gingerbread house with your kids, buy all the candy fixings now while prices are rock bottom. Do your recipes call for a lot of chocolate? Melted down or chopped up, no one will ever know it started out pumpkin-shaped.
  • Costumes may be picked over, but whatever is left goes on sale at ridiculously low prices. Take advantage of these savings and give your child a customized, dress-up trunk this holiday season. Choose a theme like princesses or superheroes, or just make it a hodgepodge of alternate identities. Gift it in a cardboard box covered with contact paper or give a picnic basket new life by spray-painting it a favorite color.
  • Pumpkins are just as useful after Halloween, especially on a Thanksgiving table. Hollow them out and they can become a flower vase. Perch mini pumpkins on a candelabra to give your table some height. Or write guests’ names on them with a permanent marker to create fall-inspired place cards.
  • Halloween clearance sales are in full force online, too. Check sites like Oriental Trading Company, Party City and Spirit Halloween. Increase your savings with coupon codes.

Final Word: Retailers are itching to get rid of the last remnants of Halloween and dedicate all shelve space to the holiday season. So, if you want to take advantage of after Halloween sales, do it immediately for the best selection.


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