How to Give Your Kids a (Gentle) Push From the Nest



Support independence! Teach your kids to thrive (without you!) with these simple tips.

Everyone knows that life is better at mom’s — free laundry, good food, and a smooth ride never hurt anyone! But if you’re looking to instill a bit of independence as your adult children embark on their next adventure, keep these tips in mind as you nudge your babies from the nest.

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So much more than just money

Many kids start their journey to financial independence long before their 18th birthday. Summer jobs and babysitting are great places to start. Helping teenagers fully understand budgeting and financial freedom are great lessons to learn early, especially before they’re in a position to apply for credit cards. Help them get started with some tried and true budgeting apps like You Need a Budget, Mint, or Qapital.


Teach them the basics

Everyone has known that friend in college who couldn’t even cook a box of macaroni and cheese. Don’t let that be your kid! Teaching some cooking basics can go a long way in sticking to a budget. Grocery shopping and planning are incredible life skills that go a long way! While you’re at it, make sure they can use the washing machine and dishwasher as well. (And enjoy the free time that comes along with it!)


Invest in a nice coffee pot

How many college students are unaware of the art of making a fresh cup of coffee that doesn’t cost $4? Too many. Help them learn about the beauty of a freshly brewed pot of coffee and all of the money-saving possibilities that come along with it.


Teach your kids to prioritize themselves

This may sound narcissistic, but it’s really not. Self-care is very important in the hectic world of college. Make sure students know where to get help before they leave home. And while you’re giving them that gentle push from the nest, make sure sure they know that you’ll always be there for them.


Discuss the tough stuff

Make sure your soon-to-be college student knows the ramifications of living in a technological society. Don’t put anything on the internet that could harm you later (i.e. something an employer or future love interest would find unsettling). Be polite when talking to others and make eye contact (which is easier said than done when scrolling through Twitter!). And one more reminder to never drink and drive doesn’t hurt (have them download Uber or Lyft as soon as possible).

Get them on their own phone plans!

Don’t get stuck paying for the millions of texts your kid is sending to his friends! Teach independence and encourage financial freedom (and save money in the long run) by getting your child on their own phone plan. T-Mobile is offering $60 off smartphones and tablets for US college students. This is perfect timing for those wanting to get off of their parents’ plan and switch to T-Mobile.



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