7 Earth Friendly Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe

7 Earth Friendly Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe | thegoodstuff

Going green isn’t just about conserving water and using reusable shopping bags. It’s time your wardrobe got a green makeover, too! More and more fashion makers are now producing sustainable, earth-friendly fashion items. And if you think that sustainable fashion is not so fashionable, then think again! Check out the following earth-friendly pieces below and you decide!

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1. Wood Watches


Source: Pink | Beige | Turquoise

Wood watches may not be entirely popular just yet but I believe that it will catch on pretty soon. There are quite a few wood watch manufacturers but my favorite is JORD. JORD is a Swedish word for earth, soil, and land. Its watches are sustainable and chic, and there are styles that are available for both men and women. My personal favorites are the ones shown below. The prices range from $120 – $295.

2. Wood Sunglasses


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Just like wood watches, there are now also wood sunglasses. I personally own a pair, and get tons of compliments on the unusual look. Schwood Eyewear not only produces wood sunnies, but it can also do prescription frames as well. Prices range from $149 to $179.

3. Pure Vegan Footwear


Source: Wedge | Loafers | Sandals | Pumps

Olsen Haus is the producer of pure vegan footwear. It is a true advocate of the environment, a voice for the animals, and it has an unwavering sense of ethical and social responsibilities. It has the most amazing designs for a vegan footwear collection. Prices range from $40 – $250.

4. Eco-Friendly Bags


Source: Seatbelt Tote | Magazine Paper Clutch | Candy Wrapper Clutch | Tin Pull Tab Bag

Eco-friendly bags are more common these days. The really special ones go beyond using earth-friendly materials, and make it a priority to recycle and reuse materials. You can find bags made of repurposed car seatbelts, candy wrappers, magazine pages, and tin can pull tabs.

5. Earth-Friendly Flip-Flops


Source: Flip Flops for Women

Planet Flops produce flip-flops made of natural rubber. Natural rubber comes from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). The harvesting of natural rubber occurs by harmlessly “tapping” into the tree to remove a milky sap from the bark. This does not affect the health of the tree. These flip-flops are not only earth-friendly but also fun and fashionable. With a variety of colors they’re perfect for spring and summer days that require you to wear flip-flops!

6. Green Jeans


Source:  Green | Navy | Gray

We’re not talking the color green — We’re big fans of blue jeans made with organic fabrics. Monkee Genes has jeans made of organic cotton. It dyes the cotton without the use of toxic or any harmful chemicals and it also refuses to use any pesticides or herbicides on their cotton plantations, making it an authentic earth-friendly brand. Even though it doesn’t use toxic dye chemicals, the jeans are still available in various colors.

7. Shirts Made of 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles


Source: A Lot to Stay Women’s Shirts


Apparel made of recycled plastic bottles? I didn’t think it was quite possible until I discovered A Lot to Say. This lifestyle brand as “a lot to say” when it comes to being Earth friendly. It uses 100% recycled plastic bottles that are crafted into long-lasting items of clothing.