Kick Off Your Best Super Bowl Party

Last year, an estimated 108.4 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl and it just so happens to be the second largest day for food consumption in United States. Proving that you don’t have to be a Broncos or a Seahawks fan (or even a football fan), to enjoy a Super Bowl party. All you need is an appetite, good company, and these tips for saving on food, drink, entertainment and décor.

Homemade hot wings for the amateur cook…

chicken-wingsThe National Chicken Council estimates that American will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings while watching the Super Bowl this year. The good news is supermarket shoppers will find wings went down in price about 5% this year.  You can save significantly by making your own. Chicken wings cost about $4 more per pound when you buy them seasoned and sauced. It’s so simple to do yourself! Just bake wings until crispy and toss them in hot sauce. Substitute some of the sauce for melted butter to make them extra decadent.

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You may want to skip take out…

digiornoSuper Bowl Sunday is one of the top 5 busiest days for pizza delivery (Fun Fact: Halloween is thought to be the busiest of all). In fact, a couple years ago the National Restaurant Association estimated 48 million Americans ordered some type of takeout or delivery for the game. While many pizzerias are upping their workforce for the big day, plan on a longer wait time. Or, you can also skip the crowds altogether and use one of these frozen pizza savings.

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Know your state laws and save…

5-bucksLook for beer rebates, especially if you live in one of the 14 states that don’t require a beer purchase to cash in. That means if a rebate says buy a 12-pack of beer and a bag of chips, get a $5 mail-in rebate, you can just buy the chips and mail in for the $5. It’s like free food. Even if you live in a state where the beer purchase is required, rebates are still a great savings! Some states also prohibit stores from requiring a membership to purchase alcohol. Meaning you can shop warehouse stores for discount alcohol even without being a member.

Bring the field to your table…

football-tableclothTake a green tablecloth or buy a few yards of inexpensive green fabric at a party supple store and attach strips of masking tape to resemble a football field. Buy Astroturf at your local hardware or carpet store and cut it into square coasters. A putting green material might be flatter and prevent your guests’ drinks from spilling!

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Get party store discounts…


If you’re not into DIY, party packs are a great way to save time and money. Party stores are fully stocked with Super Bowl XLVIII branded party gear. For example, you’ll save 15% when you buy a kit from Party City as opposed to buying the cups, plates and decorations individually.

Turn the game into one long commercial break…

hulu-logoFor some of us the Super Bowl is all about the commercials! Go to, which will feature the commercials as they air from the Super Bowl. Vote for your favorites in real-time and watch some of the classics and fan favorites from past years.

Make Commercial viewing competitive…

Skip the football pool and host a game of commercial bingo. Search online for a template or create your own cards. Fill squares with items guests can easily find during ad breaks like “Soda Commercial” or “Talking Animal.” You can also find premade templates like this one from a blogger at Play. Party. Pin. who created 28 cards that are free to download. Remember, if you are creating your own cards, you need to arrange the squares differently on each one.

Keep the kids occupied…

Set up entertainment for the kids so you can enjoy the game (or commercials). Cut a large goal post out of construction paper and tape it to the wall. Then cut out mini footballs and have kids play a twist on pin the tail on the donkey. You can also bake cupcakes and cookies before the party but leave the decorating for game time. Give kids frosting and sprinkles in team colors; both teams share the color navy, so go with orange for the Broncos and green for the Seahawks.

Need some gear for the game? Save on jerseys, hats and other team gear when you use one of these coupon codes.

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