Super Bowl Confetti Poppers (DIY Exclusive)

Get the party started with football confetti poppers, or use them to celebrate a touchdown (or win)! These football-themed party accessories are quick, customizable, and inexpensive to make.

Confetti Poppers


  • Toilet paper rolls (one roll makes two poppers)
  • White tissue paper
  • White yarn or string
  • Printer paper
  • Confetti (like this football-shaped variety)
  • Tape


  • Cut a toilet paper roll in half. Cut a piece of tissue paper to about 12” x 14”.
  • Place a toilet paper roll half so it’s centered along one of the 12” sides of the tissue paper, and roll it up. Secure with a piece of tape. Tie yarn tightly around one the tissue paper at one of the toilet paper roll ends. Slide confetti into the other open end, then tie up this second end as well.
  • Print out your team’s logo, or a neutral football motif, so that it’s a bit less than 2” wide. Cut out a strip of the printer paper including the logo, measuring about 2” x 7”, and wrap it around the tube. Secure with tape.
  • To pop, pinch the two ends and pull – this can be a two person job!

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