Summer Survival Guide for Mom

summer survival guide for mom

Summer is officially here and you have a few months before the next school year begins. If you’re like most moms, the next several weeks will likely include entertaining your children (and their friends), possibly entertaining your neighbors, and in the midst of that, finding a few moments for yourself.

So what’s a busy mom to do when she’s staring at two full months of fun and entertainment, and desperately hoping to keep her sanity intact? Try these five ideas from our summer survival guide:

  1. Gamify cleaning. One thing about summer is, clutter multiplies. Create fun games that encourage your children to pick up the mess so you don’t have to do it alone. One idea is to appoint someone to be the “queen” (or king) each day. That child is responsible for doling out the cleaning/de-cluttering duties for that day. Your children can rotate, taking turns as “cleaning royalty,” and you can fill a treasure chest full of inexpensive items and snacks that they can raid once their cleaning duties are finished.gamify cleaning
  2. Be a tourist in your hometown. There are likely interesting places you’ve never visited that are just across town or up the road a ways. People tend not to be tourists in the place where they live. Summer is the perfect opportunity to check out some cool local spots that have flown under your radar.staycation
  3. Have a dance party. Seriously. Move the furniture, crank up the tunes, and dance with your kids. At least once a week. This is a great time for a little family bonding, good exercise, stress relief, laughter and good old dance party
  4. Try to stay on a schedule. Summer tends to be more laid back and less routine, which can be a welcome break from a busy school year. But lack of a schedule can make your days feel less productive. Work with your kids to create a summer schedule that allows for flexibility but still helps you (and them) get necessary tasks done. You can build in things like a weekly trip to the library, family game night, swim time and, of course, a dance party.summer schedule
  5. Find alone time. With your kids home all day now, you’ll likely feel the need for an occasional break. This might mean scheduling a few “moms’ night outs” or lunch dates with other (gasp) grownups. You might prefer getting up a half hour early in order to start the day quietly before your kids demand breakfast. Maybe even get in some relaxing yoga! me time

Summer is a fun but sometimes demanding time of year for moms. Any other advice you have to surviving these next few months?

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